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Austin Martin

Published on Dec 02, 2015

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Austin Martin

Photo by Hindrik S

Austin always enjoyed the fresh air and outside world.

Photo by Caucas'

What Austin enjoyed most though, was the sky.

He wanted to fly.

Throughout school Austin saw many people skydive.

Photo by flawedartist

He thought about the view from the sky.

Photo by blavandmaster

Martin decided he would try skydiving after he finished school

He filled out the paperwork and set the date.

He went through with it and thought it was spectacular

Photo by mnapoleon

When he landed, Austin knew that this was what he loved.

Photo by flawedartist

After many years of practice, he finally became a professional at it.

Photo by thepartycow

Austin wanted to be able to fly into his house.

He had some ideas and came to me.