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Modified from my One Hour deck for a 6 hour session with teachers at a private school in México.

Feel free to send feedback to kenbauer@gmail.com
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Aula Invertida - Colegio Veracruz

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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Aula Invertida

Es sobre proceso, NO herramientas
Modified from my One Hour deck for a 6 hour session with teachers at a private school in México.

Feel free to send feedback to kenbauer@gmail.com

Soy Maestro

¿Porqué son maestras/maestros? (hojas)
Put in words on one side of your index card (or piece of paper) why you teach.

4 Personas

(hoja) No familia ni famosos
Write on the other side of the index card (or paper) the 4 people that made you what you are today. They had an impact that forced you in this direction or shaped your future. Can not be family, can not be some famous person, you must have known them personally.

image: Ken in Grade 3

Why I teach

Video HipHughes
Showing this video: http://bit.ly/hiphughesWhyITeach

Picture of Keith Hughes on Twitter https://twitter.com/hiphughes

Aula Invertida

¿Que es?
Photo by JB London


Clase Invertida / Penguins / FlippingPhysics
Photo by Paul Mannix


Diferentes ritmos
Here I usually use this origami activity to get a feel for how students get lost (or bored) in class depending on their previous experience and retention during a live lecture.

Photo by Enthuan

Not a Revolution

No es una moda lo de Flipping
Derek Muller creates excellent videos.

Here I plan to show his "This Will Revolutionize Education" and perhaps "The key to effective educational science videos"

Los Cuatro Pilares

Find this at the Flipped Learning Network site including a Spanish version http://fln.schoolwires.net//site/Default.aspx?PageID=92

Flexible Environment

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Learning Culture

Photo by jovike

Intentional Content

Photo by ArturoYee

Professional Educator

Photo by aforgrave

Mejor uso de

Tiempo 1-1
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¿Necesitamos hacer video?

Intro, material, resumen

Flipped Learning

Lo que no es
Photo by Leo Reynolds

Solo Videos


Photo by StuartWebster

¿Asustados ahora?

Discusión abierta

Si, preguntas

Dudas, temores, aclaraciones
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Los Involucrados

Padres, Maestros, Alumnos, Admon.

esta bien fracasar

pero debes aprender de ello


Como hacer un video Flip.
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Diagnostica, Formativa, Sumativa
Photo by Harald Groven


Alumnos y maestros
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Spring 2016 - 30 de mayo (4 semanas)
Find out more about this course, usually offered three times per year at http://theopenflip.com
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