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Art of Thought Solutions™ - The Antivirus for Mankind™

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Art of Thought Solutions™ - The Antivirus for Mankind™ is a set of non-religious, Logic & Ethics based solutions to some of today's most serious global problems. The culmination of which can Significantly Improve Humanity and increase the potential for World Peace.

It is a philanthropic movement consisting of solutions created divergently which became possible after the advent of the Internet. I call the method used to create the solutions: "Analytical Cubism".

NOTE: This is a philanthropic mission consisting of over 600 websites. Unfortunately, they have all been hijacked. Not by mischievous kids playing around but by the unethical careless behavior​ of the hosting company I used (DomainApps.com). I have complained to the FBI's iC3 unit and now looking for an attorney and / or sponsors to help. The following is the report filed with the FBI, except with some minor updates.


DomainApps is hijacking over 600 websites to landing pages that belong to them, their clients, some are Black Hat. Defaming and causing loss of traffic. An unethical business that deleted hundreds (possibly over 1000) unique pages without warning. Disabled access and refuses to communicate or backup, leaving more than a decade of my life's philanthropic analytical work at risk of loss. DNC Holdings, Inc. & Domain Apps, LLC are unworthy of trust. They ignored and played games.

When Domain Apps first started I was with WhyPark.com. Then WhyPark merged with Domain Apps creating two sides. 1. Domain Parking side. 2. The content side which provided a software program that allowed me to easily bring my Content and build domains into websites. I migrated to the Content side of DomainApps.com and added hundreds of more domains that later became websites containing the results of about a decade of research on various subjects, each concentrated into their own websites. On Aug 2015 DomainApps damaged me in an unbelievable way by deleting about 1000 of my pages (estimated, without their help I can't quantify accurately). Every so often since they have added to the damage by doing various unethical things. The damages started in Aug 2015 and continues to increase at the present time. I describe them in the following brief synopses below organized by date. A lot more details available in emails which can be provided if requested.

Aug 2015 - Without warning Domain Apps deleted about 1000 of my online pages residing in 600+ websites I own. Each page contained the results of numerous hours of research. Each page contained its own Description paragraph, Keyword-rich Title and separate meticulously picked list of Meta Keywords. I sent emails to Domain Apps support without getting satisfactory results. They ignored the issue in the seldom limited reply they did send.

In attempting to find my lost pages on the internet using URL extrapolation, I discovered 28 offers for my domains over the years which I had not been made aware of. DomainApps should have sent email notifications, but didn't send even one. I documented as much as I could, then I got locked out somehow. I was more concerned about the loss of my work and didn't make a big issue of this which by itself would normally be a serious problem.

Sep 3 2015 - Domain Apps sent email putting me on notice that they are eliminating their Content side and will have a Parked side only. They gave me till Oct 1, 2015, to move my 600+ websites. But they refused to provide the means to back up my work in order to move them (this was required by all replacement companies I spoke with). I used Domain Apps to build my websites (representing my life's work an estimate of 36,400 hours of time spent in the past 10 years. Without the means of backing up so I can move them, I was stuck and worried my work will be lost at their hands. I sent emails asking them to help me preserve my work. They seldom replied and when they did ignored the issues every time. The most they did was provide a zip file containing less than 1% of my Content. Telling them that a lot more of my content still needs to be backed up, was completely ignored.

I signed up for DomainApps' premium membership so I can get rid of the 3 to 5 blue ad buttons at the top of my pages. I also changed the templates for some of the sites. I did this to clean up my sites while I continued searching for a company who could help move them.

Sep 17 2015 - Without warning, Domain Apps broke its word by cutting its own 30-day deadline short. They cut my access to the dashboard of the program I used to manage my websites. They ignored my emails that followed. I hired a ghostwriter in an attempt to memorialize my life's work in a series of books before they were lost.

Oct 1, 2015 - My sites were still online (less the pages lost back in Aug 2015)

Oct/Nov 2015 - I logged into DomainApps.com, I was forced into accepting a new account under their Parking-only format. They had gotten rid of the Content side where my sites were. To my pleasant surprise, all my website contents were moved to the parked side, less the pages lost back in Aug 2015. I thanked G-D. I saw that in the new parked format, my domains are allowed to be websites. And now that they were all migrated including all the content, my work will survive. I just needed to learn how to use the new DomainApps.com system. My Content was safe.

Jan 2, 2016 - Without notice, all my websites were forwarded to TrafficFilters.com for a couple seconds, then redirected landing at ShopBeagle.com. A page of unrelated links to businesses. Both of these domains belong to Craig Rowe, registered at GoDaddy. I called GoDaddy's abuse line and left a 4-minute detailed voice message. The problem was corrected within 48 hours. My websites were back online.

Jan 22, 2016 - Without notice, Domain Apps added 3 to 5 ad buttons at the top of all pages of all 600+ of my websites. The ad buttons linked to TrafficFilters.com for a couple seconds then redirected to a ShopBeagle.com page of unrelated links of businesses. The buttons on my pages are labeled with phrases related to my work but linked to unrelated businesses. I called GoDaddy. Jason (GoDaddy Tech Sup) told me GoDaddy can't help since the activity is now being routed via companies other than GoDaddy. Involved were the following companies / URLs:

Cybercon inc - Data center using EasyServer.com Abuse@Easyserver.com - not contacted​ Abuse@EZHostingServer.com - not contacted

I was thankful that at least my life's work was not deleted. Instead of fighting, I planned to ask them to at least link the ad buttons to related pages.

Feb 26, 2016 - Without notice, Domain Apps forwarded all my 600+ sites to ElatedSearch.com thereby completely disabling my Content from being viewed by my visitors.

Mar 4, 2016 - I called DirectNIC 877-856-9598, the Registrar Abuse Contact for ElatedSearch.com. Ian took my call showing desire to help. After placing me on two very long holds. He came back telling me that since I'm not a DirectNic customer, he can't help me. It was obvious he was being told to get rid of me. I told him "I called to report abuse by one of your customers, why do I need to be a customer to get your help?" He ignored my question and told me to send an email to support@domainapps.com. I told him I've done that many times and wasn't helped. He repeated himself no matter how many times I told him that I've already done that. Then he told me to do it again, and that this time they will help, and hung up on me.

Mar 7, 2016 - I found indications that DirectNIC & Domain Apps may both be owned by DNC Holdings, Inc. (Ref. http://dnc.io/).

I called DNC and got Ian who after realizing it's me again angrily told me to email support@domainapps.com and they will help!! I told him that I have done what he suggested but again to no avail. He hung up on me again.

I called General Counsel for DNC Holdings, Inc., Greg Faia. I left a voice message to which he has not replied.

I sent an email to the CEO of DNC (CoreValues@DirectNIC.com), Rob Alfonso COO replied immediately with questions. It seemed he wanted to help. I replied providing the answers to his questions, but he never got back to me. I've since followed up with several emails, memorializing the facts including DomainApps screen shots showing my traffic momentum steadily climbing to almost 6000 visitors a day, now at under 30 after what they've done. Bringing to their attention that besides the damage they are causing to my life's work, my sites are more valuable to them when they have my unique content. I asked them to return my sites back to normal.

Mar 17, 2016 - Without addressing any of my concerns, DomainApps sent me an email from Support@DomainApps.com informing me "a new DomainApps.com account has been created for you." ...My concern now is that they want to reset the agreement/clock on the new account they gave me after they migrated my 600+ websites to their new format which left all my content post-Aug 2015 intact. New customers under the new DomainApps system need to build from scratch. I have years of content already loaded and displaying under the new system. I think the reason they are giving me a 2nd new account is to abolish my rights to the 1st new account. I'm not logging into the 2nd new account as it would take me to a new contract acceptance phase and possibly cause the loss of my rights to the 1st new account. I need the help of an authority to witness what happens next if/when I attempt to log into the 2nd new account.

Mar 22, 2016 - In response I sent an email asking why I was being given a new account, that I already have a new account under the new DomainApps.com format. They have not replied. The following is the list of recipients of my email:

To: Greg Faia legal@directnic.com, Craig Rowe craig@domainapps.com, Craig Rowe craig@craigrowe.com, Craig Rowe Craig@whypark.com

Cc: "DNC Holdings Inc." corevalues@directnic.com, Domain Apps support@domainapps.com


While I fight to get my websites back online, sample portions can be viewed at the following locations: A) Short slide presentation at www.Behtaj.com

B) View Home Page archives of a few of my 600 websites which are being quashed by DomainApps. NOTE: Once at a Home Page, don't click any of the links. They point to my original websites which are being redirected. Some of the landing pages via DomainApps are Black Hat. NOTE: I've marked hijacked websites with "" in the TLD extension. For example: Strategist..me or .Secret911.com. Don't go to them.

http://goo.gl/fFJ5ed <--SAFE | HIJACKED--> www.Botanist.*me - This is my GMO activism & solution site. See my World War III map on this home page. It's very telling and can potentially save many lives in the Americas.

http://goo.gl/lIFkfz <--SAFE | HIJACKED--> www.WebNet.*me - This is my network site. It networks all 600+ websites under The WebNet™

https://goo.gl/pr7Ahv <--SAFE | HIJACKED--> www.Secret911.*com - CSA Solution site. This solution can get rid of 90% of Childhood Sexual Abuse within its first year if I get the support I need. Within this solution is a new method of Psychotherapy as labeled by a Psychotherapist.

http://archive.is/HeLgU <--SAFE | HIJACKED--> www.Strategist.*me - The hub of Art of Thought Solutions™ - The Anti-Virus for Mankind™

http://archive.is/E1kJz <--SAFE | HIJACKED--> www.Emy.*me - This site explains why mankind is in danger of self-destruction. And why we're running out of time.

http://archive.is/8NaqV <--SAFE | HIJACKED--> www.Unionist.me http://archive.is/CBwaJ <--SAFE | HIJACKED--> www.Feminist.me

C) Search Google for the following terms, you'll see results broken links caused by DomainApps: Art of Thought Solutions - The Anti-Virus for Mankind Amiri Analytical Cubism Amiri The Webnet

I worked for more than a decade to accumulate, formulate and write the contents into these sites. I'm concerned my content may be lost forever. DomainApps refuses to provide a way to backup my work, ignoring calls and emails. It holds all my work and websites hostage.

If you can help or know anyone who can, please share my story. I can be reached at 424-222-3331. Please leave a message or send a text prior to calling. I receive a lot of unwanted calls since my phone number was used on all the websites.

Behtaj Amiri aka Baroukh Amiri 424-222-3331 Founder: Analytical Cubism™ www.Cubist.me Founder: The WebNet™ www.WebNet.me Founder: Art of Thought Solutions™ - The Anti-Virus for Mankind™ www.Strategist.*me

  • *Sites currently affected by this problem. DomainApps randomly redirects my websites to Black Hat pages. I will remove this message when it is safe to go to my sites again.

www.WeFree.us & www.behtaj.com are safe to visit. behtaj.com has over 80 subdomains. Some are unsafe since they point to unsafe pages the WebNet™. Watch your address bar, if it redirects to elatedsearch, exit that browser page.

___Art of Thought Social Networks Facebook - http://Facebook.behtaj.com Twitter - http://Twitter.behtaj.com LinkedIn - http://LinkedIn.behtaj.com Google - http://Google.behtaj.com