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Armand Sancoeur

Published on Mar 02, 2016

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Armand Sancoeur

Struggle to succeed

Birth Home

Born on February 16, 1945 in Paris, France

True Blood

His parents died in a car accident when was 3


Raised at a foster home for 10 years
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Always intrigued in knowledge


Kids at school would bully him for having top grades
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Dior Sancouer

Mr. Sancouer is Chairman of the School Board

New Home

Dior Sancouer adopted him at age 13
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Harvard University 

Bells are Ringing

Married Claire Thompson at age 29
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Has a successful Hotel franchise.
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New York New York

Armand and his wife lived in NY for 24 years
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Armand's son, Curtis Sancouer took over the franchise after he retired


Settle in at Colorado Springs

Chapter 2

A Day in Life Of Armand Sancoeur

In the Morning

Takes a walk around the area with his wife and reads  the newspaper


Enjoys drinking black coffee or sometimes  tea


After Armand retire, he is still part of the franchise and still controlling

Over Look

Doesn't want to stop working

Free Time

When he doesn't want to work, he go to his club.
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Chevalier Noir

An organization created by Armand Sancoeur
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An organization that basically bets on the economy, voting time, and on peoples successes.

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Solar Energy

Has solar panels along the front lawn


His family enjoys looking at the sky


Hosts parties once every month