Are you ready to give up grades?

Published on Dec 02, 2015

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Are you ready to give up grades?

Starr Sackstein, NBCT

Starr Sackstein

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It started with an issue with report cards that couldn't be rectified.

Then it spilled into everything

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What did grades even mean?

And why are they such a huge part of everything?


It was time to shift the mindset about

But how?

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Hacking Assessment

Has some solutions...

Promote Buy-in

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How can we get all stakeholders to buy into giving up grades?
Please talk with the person next to you

Rebrand Assignments

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Facilitate Student Partnerships

Digitizing data and track student progress with tech

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What kinds of things are you doing already to help ease the time management challenge of tracking progress?
Talk with a partner

Teach reflection and self-assessment

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Use Portfolios for assessment instead of tests


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