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Ancient Rome

Published on Nov 18, 2015

I am still working on it, first draft of presentation got deleted some how.


Ancient rome

By: Jordan Behn
Photo by Darkroom Daze

Ancient Rome was a very advanced civilization in many ways.

I hope you learn something that you didn't know about Ancient Rome.

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Stable Food Supply

  • Ancient Rome's "stable" food supply was grain
  • Only the poor could afford to eat grain-based foods
  • The Roman's ate fruit at almost every meal
  • Olives were a main source of food too and they grew their own olive trees.


  • The  religion of Ancient Rome was Christianity
  • The birthplace of Christianity is Judea 
  • Judea is is the biblical name of the mountainous southern West Bank
  • Christianity became the official religion of Rome in 392 A.D.
  • Within the Roman Empire,Christianity was banned 
Photo by Franco Folini


  • Feeding Christians to lions, was entertainment in Ancient Rome
  • Many Romans saw Christianity as a threat to Roman order and traditions
  • In 391 AD worship of other g-ds was made ilegal


  • Aqueducts:
  • Brought water from distant sources into Rome's cities and towns
  • Supplied public baths, latrines,fountains and private households.
  • Before aqueducts Romans relied on streams and springs for water
  • Hundreds of aqueducts were built and some are still remaining
Photo by G.Chris Clark


  • Roman Calendar:
  • Romans based the calendar off of the Greek model which operated around the lunar cycle
  • Since the Romans found even numbers to be unlucky, each month had an odd amount of days
  • Caesar gave length to the number of days in a year making  from 355 to 365
  • The calendar was several  days off

Important Facts

  • Rome was founded in 753 BC, by its first King Romulus
  • The Roman year began in March (Martius)
  • Aqueducts: Aqueducts were a very important thing to the Romans
  • Without aqueducts how would they get water or enough water?
Photo by italianjob17

Most Important Fact

Without the Roman calendar, our calendar would only consist of 355 days and would start in March not January.

I can connect Ancient Rome to American society. I can connect this because both societies are very populated and are mostly open to new incomers to the country, and usually grant citizenship to foreigners.

Photo by Sam Howzit

Ancient Rome was a great civilization, to learn about. Ancient Rome had a stable food supply, religion and technology. And so much more.

Photo by Daniele Zedda