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Amsterdam SC

Published on Nov 19, 2015

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Smart City

The city boasts an impressive public transport network including metros, buses, trams, ferries and trains. Most residents don't even own a car or move mainly by bike.

The Smart Parking project allows drivers to book their parking in advance with the help of an app. This allows them to spend less time looking for parking and emit fewer CO2.

The city's "Onze Energie" plan aims at supplying 8,000 households with renewable energy from windmills.

Photo by Henk Bekker

The city can boast an energy-saving LED public lighting

Over 140,000 houses and companies in five districts
are wired through
an optical fiber network.

Photo by ThiagoMartins

The city's
hot solar spots are sun-powered areas where people can
plug in their computer and get free energy
wi-fi connection.

There are
lots of places where people can electrically recharge cars and... boats.

The city is a living lab:
the Climate Street
is a public space project where a city street works
as an incubator and testing place
for new climate-friendly
innovations and experiments.

The Smart Citizen Kit is
a project which allows 100 Amsterdam families to monitor their households' energy consumption
and carbon footprint.