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Amazing Tips for Writing your College Essay in Two Hours – 2022 Guide

Published on Jan 01, 2022

Writing a good college essay within a short period seems impossible. However, in colleges or universities, there are times when you are required to write an essay in a very short period. It could be a class assignment or any essay competition. It may seem a daunting challenge to write an essay within a short span. There would probably be some students out there who will face such circumstances. However, you need not worry, some general tips will make you attempt the essay like a pro in such situations. Moreover, you can order it from college essay writer that can assist you to get the task done even in the shortest period of time.

No standard guidelines are available to write an essay comprehensively in a short period; however, there are a few tips you may follow while composing an essay that’ll help you write a good college essay successfully, in a short time.

What to include in the essay?

Topic identification

Most of the time, the essay topic is provided by the instructors who asked you to write, however, sometimes you are given a chance to choose your own topic. After topic selection comes its identification. Make an effort to comprehend the type of analysis that should be used to compose the essay. Two types of approaches are known: general and specific. In the case of a specific approach, you should decide about the subject of the essay.

Identify the objectives

Considering your topic, try to identify the objectives and goals related to your topic, identify the research questions you want to address in your essay. You will add detailed information to the answer or solve the issue under consideration. When the objectives you want to achieve are known it is easy to proceed further and include relevant information according to that.

Develop a strong thesis statement

Try to develop a rough thesis statement at the beginning of the essay. The thesis statement is considered the central hub of the essay as the whole essay is centered around it. If the thesis statement you developed, in the beginning, is clear and best related to your topic it will be much easier to include the relevant information accordingly. Try to incorporate all the rationale in your thesis statement, this way the reader will get to know the main ideas of your essay. It will be easy to discuss each main idea in the upcoming paragraphs. An essay writer free would preferably give enough importance and time to develop a strong thesis statement.

Write down the Introduction paragraph

Try to start with a hook. Try to incorporate some interesting facts, statistics, or information related to your topic. The introduction should be attention-grabbing. It is the most read part of the essay, so it must include the relevant information that will tell the reader about what the author is going to address further in the essay. Highlight the main ideas in the introduction paragraph. It is meant to give a brief background information to the reader about the topic.

Body paragraphs

Try to write down the points in the documents you made for the essay instead of making side notes. Leave two to three lines after stating the main idea so you can add the detailed information later. Include several paragraphs to your essay. Considering each main idea, start the para with a topic sentence and then try to add relevant information or evidence to support your main idea. Give a brief analysis of the evidence, then conclude your paragraph with a statement that relates back to the thesis statement.

Outline your ideas for your essay

When I write my essay for me, I make sure to develop an outline ahead of time to help me remember all of the major ideas that I want to include. An outline of the essay will provide the writer with a framework. It helps the student to visualize the final essay. Moreover, it will provide directions in which the writer will proceed further with the essay. Try to make key points of each main idea. Later on, add more details to each point to further elaborate on each idea. Make key points of extra information that you want to add.


Conclude your whole essay while providing a recap of the previous information you have explained. Start with stating the thesis statement. Make sure to mention all the main ideas again in this section as well.  In other words, summarize all the main ideas, relate to the thesis statement and try to conclude this paragraph by providing recommendations related to the issue under consideration.

Proofread your essay

The best practice while writing an essay in a hurry is to proofread your essay alongside. This will save much of your time. After you are done with writing the essay, read your essay thoroughly. Look for any grammatical mistakes. Otherwise, use some grammar checking software to check for grammatical issues. Look for punctuation mistakes, as those are one of the most common mistakes made by the students and put a negative impression on the reader. Check for spelling mistakes. Make changes as per the requirement.

Some other tips to save your time

  • It is very important to keep positive. Being in a state of panic and stress will only waste your time.
  • Instead of handwriting, try to type your essay.
  • It is better to incorporate the note directly into the document you are writing your essay in.
  • Switch off your mobile phone to avoid distraction.
  • Avoid using long sentences. Keep your sentences clear and concise.
  • Proofread alongside writing the essay.
  • To maintain your energy level keep yourself fed and hydrated.
  • Once you are done with the essay, reward yourself to keep you motivated for such tasks in the future.

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