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Amazing Compare and Contrast Essay Topics 

Published on Nov 27, 2020

A compare and contrast essay is a form of essay in which two objects or subjects of the same category are observed and the comparisons and differences are drawn. This is a writing that every student has to do for its academics. 

This essay type requires good analytical and observing skills.It might sound easier to draw similarities and differences between things that are obvious but it is not. Depending on the topic, a compare and contrast essay can be extremely easy or can be extremely challenging. 

If you have been given a topic to write your compare and contrast essay then it will not be hard for you to start writing an essay. Write your thesis statement in the introduction that your reader gets a clear idea of the narrative essay. But if not, then you have to spend some time coming up with a right and interesting topic.

Following are some interesting and compelling compare and contrast essay topics: 

  1. College VS School - The most difficult level? 
  2. Writing an essay VS A research paper - Which is harder?
  3. British English VS American English - Similarities and differences
  4. Argumentative Essay and persuasive essay - Are they similar?
  5. Remote learning VS Traditional education
  6. World War II VS World War I - Which was more disastrous?
  7. Soviet Government VS American Government - Which one is better?
  8. Nazism and Fascism - How are they similar?
  9. UK Prime Minister VS US President - Differences and similarities in the duties
  10. North VS South - Before and after the Civil War
  11. Science VS Humanities - A better discipline? 
  12. French VS Spanish - Which one is more difficult to learn?
  13. Being a toddler VS a teen - Similarities and differences
  14. College dean VS University Rector
  15. SAT or TOEFL 
  16. Winter breaks VS Summer breaks
  17. Riding a bike VS Driving a car
  18. Private schools VS Public Schools
  19. Traveling alone VS Travelling with parents
  20. Fruits and Vegetables 
  21. Lying and Acting - Similarities and differences
  22. Full freedom VS Parental control - A better option?
  23. Male friends VS Female friends
  24. Reading a book VS Watching a film - Which is more entertaining? 
  25. Healthy meals VS Junk food - Which is tastier? 
  26. LSD VS Marijuana 
  27. Autumn VS Spring - A better season? 
  28. Chinese population and Japanese population - Similarities and differences
  29. Living around people you hate with luxuries VS living around people you love in poverty
  30. Sleeping at home on a Saturday night VS partying
  31. Traveling by air VS by road?
  32. Tornados VS hurricanes - More dangerous? 
  33. Technology VS Science
  34. Physics VS Chemistry
  35. Liberalism VS Communism 
  36. Theories of Karl Marx VS Friedrich Hegel
  37. Living in Europe VS Living in Asia
  38. Dictatorship VS Democracy - A better type of government?
  39. UK VS US - Difference in political regimes
  40. Catholicism VS Protestanism 
  41. Religious states VS the Secular States
  42. Bollywood VS Hollywood - A better content?
  43. Horror movies VS Comedy movies 
  44. Capitalism VS Marxism 
  45. Obesity VS Anorexia Nervosa 
  46. Similarities and differences between the two chemical formulas
  47. Dark beer VS Light beer
  48. Linux VS Windows
  49. Non-Fictional VS Fictional writings
  50. Harry Potter VS Twilight - A better series?

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Amazing Compare and Contrast Essay Topics