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All About Penis Cages

Published on Aug 31, 2023

What is a Penis Cage?

Of course, the term says it all. A penis cage is a cage for the male member. You wear the cage on the stem of your penis with the ring located behind the balls. This prevents the cage from slipping and holds it securely to the penis. The cage has a lock so that you cannot access your penis without a key.

Why Would I Want That?

Giving up control of your body can be very exciting when you read the synopsis. It is almost impossible to get an erection or play with your penis while wearing a penis cage. This gives your Dom complete control over your erection. If he/she doesn't want you to play with yourself during the day, that won't work either. Another benefit of wearing a penis cage under everyday clothes is that you look "good" no matter what.

Choosing the Right Size

If you buy shoes that are too small, they will be uncomfortable, and the same goes for penis cages. Start by determining the length of the cage you need. You can do this by measuring the flaccid penis from the pubic bone to the tip of the glans. Also measure the circumference of the penis shaft and divide by 3.14 to get the correct diameter. Follow the slightly larger cage purchase. Penis cages come with different sized rings. Try these until you find the ring that fits you best.

How Do I Start?

Build up to wearing the cage slowly. Instead of keeping it 24/7 right away, try it for a few hours first. Once you are used to and want (or have) to wear your cage day and night, remember that you must remove it completely at least twice a week. Then you can properly clean your penis and cage. Urination is not a problem when wearing a cage, all cages have a hole at the glans through which you can pee. Standing to pee is no longer an option!

Please Help, the Key Is Missing!

Penis cages come standard with a spare key. Of course, your key holder may also have lost the key. Keep the spare key in a place known to both parties. This can be in a sealed envelope so that the key holder can monitor that you are not secretly using the spare key. Another solution for people who lose their keys: numbered plastic locks! These work without a key and you can unlock them. Each slot has a unique number which allows your Dom to check that you are following the rules. Also useful: if you're going to a big party or to the airport, metal locks can cause problems. With plastic locks, you won't run that risk.

Different Materials

Model 07 - 7.9 cm - Silicone Penis Cage

First of all, silicone cages are the best. Silicone remains comfortable when worn for long periods of time because it bends slightly. The material adapts quickly to your body temperature and has a long lifespan. Erections will still stop, but are less painful than with plastic or metal cages. ManCage's 07, 08, and 09 are great silicone penis cages. They are a full set of quality silicone at an affordable price. They look strong and durable and the cage always fits like a glove thanks to the 3 different rings.

Rimba - Metal Penis Cage

Metal penis cages made from stainless steel have an extremely long lifespan. The disadvantage of stainless steel cages is that they are quite heavy and therefore do not always wear out over time. This metal beauty from Rimba is perfect for long term wear, the skeletonized "body" allows the skin to breathe and the cage is not too heavy. 12 cm long. The first ring has a diameter of 45 millimeters. The opening of the cage has a diameter of 35 mm.

Shark Cage - Economy Chastity Cage

Made of plastic, plastic cages are a very good choice for long term wear. They are lightweight and easy to clean. The downside of plastic cages is that they can break with improper use. Not sure if a penis cage is right for you, but want to give it a try? Then the Brutus Shark Cage may be right for you. The cage is affordable, lightweight, and comes with different corkscrew rings. The lock is completely hidden in the cage so you won't be disturbed by the lock hanging next to your penis.

So Many Penis Cages

Has your interest been awakened? Take a look at our wide range of penis cages. If a regular cage isn't exciting enough for you, check out https://www.mytoyamz.com/chastity-cages

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