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My nickname and art name is Celesty!
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All About Me Caroline Ramsey

Published on Nov 19, 2015

Just some basic info on me, Celesty! If you'd like to see more of my art, just see it on deviantART! I'm WhiteFlare0 on there~


All About Me

A Celesty (Caroline Ramsey) Creation
My nickname and art name is Celesty!

My Past

  • Born in Florida
  • May 1, 1999 - Birthdate
I do not remember much about my past, so here is what I remember.
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My Places

  • First in Florida
  • Used to live in Houston County
  • Now lives in Dover
I miss living in Erin... Oh well, I have lots of friends here too!

Ice Cream!!!

Dover has this place of which I am fond of. If only they still had the cotton candy swirl, my childhood favorite...


  • In marching band
  • Love computer apps and science!
I'm a sophomore at SCHS, and I'm in the marching rebel band, and my biggest passion is all things science!

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I am...

  • Shy
  • Creative
  • Intelligent
  • Unusual
  • I am a catfox.
Also, I am a catfox.

Otaku Power!

Love Anime
I love everything anime and manga-related! Here are my favorite animes:
Black Butler
Blue Excorcist
Ghost Hunt
Soul Eater
Mekakucity Actors


Making my own manga series
I'm making my own manga! It's still in its infantile stages, but it's gonna be awesome!

Interested In Being:

going to be an ER nurse
I'm planning to be an ER nurse.


haven't decided
I'm planning to go to a college that balances the program excellency with the affordability.
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The world is full of idiots; don't be one.

This is a quote from me!
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What I'd Like To Do

I would love to go to Shibuya, Japan
I want to go to Shibuya because that is the supernatural center of the world.
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My Art

NOW THE GALLERY OF MY ART!!! All of these have been made by me, and they are ones I haven't posted yet.

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Talk To Ya Later!