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Albert Einstein

Published on Nov 27, 2015

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Albert Einstein

By Grace Martin (me) 5/14/14, Mrs. Elley ,5th grade
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Childhood and family

  • Son of Paulina and Hermenn Einstein.
  • Leaned to play the violin at the age of 6.
  • Music helped Einstein think.
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  • Einstein preferred to day dream or make puzzles.
  • In college, he often skipped classes to learn physics on his own.
  • Went to college at age 17 in Switzerland. At Swiss Fedeal Polytech school
  • He earned his teaching degree. Worked as a substitute for awhile.
  •  Physics- The science that deals with matter,energy,motion,and force.
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1st Marrige

  • His wife was named Melieva Meric.
  • They had 3 children together.
  • 1 girl-Lieserl.
  • 2 boys-Hans Albert and Eduard.
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What was he cuorios in?

  • Light
  • What was light exactly?
  • How does it travel? How fast can it go? 
  • Can anything travel faster than light?
  • Something that makes things visable or affords allumination. 


  • Einstein had a dream that he was traveling though space.
  • In that dream he was chasing a bead of light.

2nd marrige

  • He married his cousin Elsa.
  • He adopted her 2 children.
  • They were 2 girls named Ilse and Margot.
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"The Patent Office"

  • He worked at a Patent office as a job.
  • Albert worked there from 1902-1909.
  • He looked over peoples ideas to see if they were good.
  • Then he used a document so the persons idea wouldn't be stolen.
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What was called einstein's miracle year

  • Annus Mirabilis
  • Which is Latin for "Year of Marvels"
  • Albert believed that light travels in particles not waves.
  • The year of 1905
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Where did einstein travel

  • South America
  • Palestine
  • A number of many other Asian countries
  • Spain

Why The einsteins fled to the U.S.

  • Adolf Hitler was making a country of anti-jews
  • The Einsteins were Jews. 
  • Albert soon became a member of the U.S. in 1940.
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What did he create?

  • E = MC squared
  • Releases mass and energy.
  • E stands for energy
  • M stands for mass  
  • Squared is a factor to the speed of light.

The theory of photoelectric effect

  • It is also is called the theory of realitivity.
  • Theory describes space-time.
  • Created the cobonation of time and 3 demensions .
  • Length, Width, and Height.
  • Space time is 4 demensionol. 
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The Theory of photoelectric effect

  • It was his 1st paper published in March 1905.
  • A beam of light causes atoms of metal to release Subatom : particles.
  • These are called Electrons.
  • Electron- An elementary particle that has a negative charge of electricity.
  • These travel around the nucleus of an atom.
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Fun Facts

  • Einstein didn't start talking till 3.
  • He failed his physics class in college.  
  • Only 3 people showed up for Einstein's 1st lecture. They were all coworkers
  • After Einstein died his brain was removed to be studied.
  • Born March 14, 1879 and died in Princetown, New Jersey.                  
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