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Ag. What's wrong?

Published on Nov 21, 2015

Organic farming, easy and powerful.



What's wrong?
Photo by Richard Elzey

Mango (derivative): Rs.45/Kg

Mango Tree (Source of wealth): No Price, can cut it if you need to
Photo by mwdt13

It's impossible for the derivatives to be more valuable than the source

economic theory based on the flaw of logic

ecological destruction

leads to cycle of poverty
Photo by plaits

this way...

we will turn everything in to desert


what's the right way?

restore nature

it's late, already!


can money be based on functional eco systems?


Humus is literally the life blood of this planet
Photo by Derbeth


Our soils today, need more & more
Photo by suavehouse113

it feeds the soils

Compost doesn't actually feed the plant
Photo by USDAgov

Humus is the soil glue

that prevents soil erosion

Humus is the storage system

for, Carbon, Water & Minerals
Photo by p.Gordon

this trio holds the future of planetary health

Carbon, Water & Minerals
Photo by lars hammar

we are loosing Humus rapidly

Soils tests show
Photo by CGIAR Climate

retains 3 times more Carbon than the foliage above the ground

living soil

who are increasing the soil humus

We need to pay the farmers carbon credits
Photo by Sarath.kuchi

Contact us

for easy ways to organic farming
Photo by CGIAR Climate