Advanced Civilizations

Published on Oct 01, 2017

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Advanced Civilizations

Early civilizations made major contributions to social, political, and economic progress.

Patterns in Civilizations:

  • Social: Rigid class system, families of rulers
  • Governments: City-states, empires, laws
  • Economic: Metal, Surpluses in food, More trade, Slavery

Social Patterns

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Hereditary rulers: Dynasties of kings- based on family (King dies, son the prince becomes king)

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Strict and rigid social class system: everyone has their place

Slavery is both accepted and common in these civilizations


City-States: a city that with its surrounding land forms an independent state (mini-country)

Kingdom: a large state or country all under control of a royal leader, like a king or queen

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Empire: a group of states or countries all under the control of one leader, usually an emperor


  • 1 central authority
  • Establishes laws (Hammurabi) and provides for defense
  • Sometimes based on religious authority
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As technology gets better and better, man is able to grow more crops

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Civilizations also started to specialize in certain goods

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which leads to trade

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Once man moved away from making his tools with stone, he turned to metal.

Copper and bronze were first used; but they are very soft

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