A Visual Guide to Visual Learners

Published on Jun 14, 2016

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A Visual Guide

To Visual Learners

Learn by Looking

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Things Visual Learners Say

I can't see

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Can I watch you do that again?

Photo by Ruth and Dave

By the Look of things...

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Hold on, I want to watch this...

What turns visual learners off

Bad slide design

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What not to do

  • Bullet
  • After bullet
  • After bullet
  • After bullet
  • After bullet
  • After bullet
  • After bullet

Cheesy graphics

and needless clip art
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Too much on one slide

Photo by Marco Gomes

How to Engage Visual Learners

Use great images

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One idea per slide

Photo by dsevilla

Use graphic organizers

Promote Sketchnoting

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Tell stories that start with..

"Close your eyes and imagine..."
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Let them see your face

And body language
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Give time for notetaking

If you can make it visual, do it.

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