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A Visual Ethnography: Cape Town

Published on Nov 24, 2015

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A Visual Ethnography: Cape Town

reorienting, new perspectives

the Cape Town Harbour

comings and goings 

Table Rock

guardian presence of Table Rock 

what does the Lord require?

act justly, love mercy, walk humbly 
The plaque for all to read as one enters the District Six Museum in Cape Town. "Remember with shame the many thousands of people who lived for generations in District Six and other parts of the city, and were forced by law to leave their homes because of the colour of their skin. FATHER, FORGIVE US."

jazz: blending the harmony of life in District Six


reflected all around us 

Healing of Memory Workshops

Mary Burton

truth and reconciliation one story at a time

his sustaining presence continues

Mandela's legacy lives within the people

our families often did not know what had become of us 

Mandala's cell at Robbin Island

sobering reality

images that do not go away

impacting my footprint


daily life

a visitor or a tourist?

did I really see through the lens of my iPhone?

stepping where others have not

a lived expression of worship

friendships cultivated - new and old

makes you smile doesn't it? 

It's Deve's Birthday...

Happy Birthday Deve! 


together around the table 

how far can one see?

the Atlantic & Indian Oceans converge

the table cloth of Table Mountain

captured by beauty 

Always Beside

Never Above, Never Below,

Cape Town

the time had come to say good-bye