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a night to remember_(20)

Published on Feb 05, 2024

Your hand slides down, you open your thighs to touch your self, realizing you are already wet. Lighting crashes across the sky and the thunder scares you just a bit.

You return to touching yourself, the movie has begun to get intense. You watch as some random porn star thrusts his immense cock deep into some young hot starlet's mouth. You feel your clit getting firmer as you rub vigorously. Suddenly you have the feel of being watched. You turn around quickly and don't see anyone, but you can't get passed the feeling. You return your attention to the movie. He's now bent the young girl over and is fucking her deep in the ass, pounding away. You slide one finger into your moist slit, testing yourself. Your palm is pressed against your clit putting just enough pressure on it to keep you stimulated while your finger violates your tight pussy.

You still feel eyes on you, but you are locked in the moment now and forget all about your worries. Your eyes are drawn to the cock on the screen, as it ravishes that tight little asshole.

Without warning, a silk blindfold covers your eyes and you feel a strong arm tense against your neck. Your left hand is suddenly pinned behind your back, your right hand soon to follow still wet with your juices, and you feel the metal cuffs lock into place. You feel helpless, but incredibly aroused. You can smell a familiar scent, a man you've wanted before.

You feel yourself being dragged up out of the chair, only to be pushed down to your knees.

"open your mouth" The first words you've heard from me tonight. You comply, not thoroughly aroused and knowing what is to come next. I thrust my cock into your mouth, my hand gripped tightly in your hair, pulling your head closer to my body. I push my hard dick in and out of your mouth, using you to satisfy my own desires. You can feel my cock twitch and you prepare to feel me explode in your mouth, knowing that you will not have your hands to help you control. You tense, hoping to not gag.

I pull out of your mouth, stopping you completely. I reach down and lift you by your shoulders to a standing position. My lips touch yours gently at first then with more passion. My tongue enters your mouth pressing against yours. You feel a strong hand cup your left breast. Fingers pinching gently at your erect nipple. You can feel my cock pressing against you, throbbing and wanting your young virile body. I pull away from our kiss. You feel something around your necks clasp.

Suddenly you realize you are being dragged by a leash or something. You know that you are moving toward your bedroom but no idea what may await you there.

I drag you firmly into the room and push you down onto the bed. I uncuff your hands. Only to drag them above your head and tie them to the head board. I move down and do the same to your legs. Leaving you spread out and defenseless on the bed.

You hear the flick of a match and can suddenly feel the heat of a flame near your skin. Not close enough to hurt, just to be warm. Without warning a drop of wax lands on your breast, followed quickly by an ice cube. Over and over I repeat this, a drop of hot wax, and then the soothing ice on your breasts, your stomach even the very top of your mound. Your body is exploding with excitement. You can feel yourself tingle from head to toe.

You hear me set the candle down, your breathing increases in anticipation as to what will come next. You can feel me moving but no idea as to what I am going to do.

Suddenly you feel my mouth on your toes, biting gently, licking and sucking them. Spending time to tough every millimeter of your skin, moving up your feet, biting at your soft perfect skin. Tracing my tongue up your ankle, then your calf, sucking on that spot behind your knee. Moving up your inner thigh, sucking a little harder, leaving a mark on your skin. You gasp, as I reach your perfect slit.

Your anticipation grows more as I blow, and breathe gently. Then I take your clit between my lips, sucking and pressing it. I slide a finger, and then another deep into your crevice. Fucking you wildly with my hand while bringing you to the brink of orgasm with my mouth on your clit.

Faster and faster my fingers move into your body, I curl them slightly to hit your g-spot. My mouth focused on your clit, my tongue licking one side, then the other then around, then through the middle only to repeat the process again and again. You arch your back, waiting and begging for your first of many orgasms. You feel your stomach tighten, a deep tremble rocks your entire body as the pleasure begins to over take you. I pull off of your clit and slide my tongue into you, hungry for your juices. You cum, hard and long my tongue taking in every bit of it and helping you make it last longer than you could have ever dreamed. Finally after several waves of orgasm hit you, you collapse drained of your energy and still unable to move.

I slide up, you feel my cock against your leg, thigh and then pushing at the entrance to your now swollen pussy.

"Please, no, let me recov . . . " You try to whisper to no avail, because before you finish I drive my manhood into your awaiting opening. You feel your muscles spasm as my cock invades you over and over. You can already feel that sensation beginning in your stomach again. I push harder and harder into you. Your orgasm begins to build again , my cock pushing deep into your body only to slide nearly completely out and then thrust in again . . .

to be continued

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