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A New Years To Remember

Published on Mar 01, 2024

I meet new people all the time. Last year on twitter, I met quite a few people that I grew close to. One of which was a few years older than me. He lives on New York just like me. It was a strictly platonic friendship we've had everytime we met up. Let me tell you a little about this guy... His name is Alex. He's 28, about 5'8, slim, and Dominican. Really nice smile and personality. He is a Virgo if that makes a difference. He lives in New York City. I live in upstate NY so we are about 2 and a half hours away from eachother. Kind of far but still close enough to make plans and meet up on occasion. Me, I am 21, 5'4, average size, African American. I am usually reserved and quiet in any situation. Maybe its because I am a pisces. Who knows! We call each other "BFF" because we are really good friends. We tell eachother everything. I liked getting a guy's point of view of things and he said I could come to him with any questions or concerns. One of these random questions I had, was "Do you think its ok to ask a guy if he is circumcised? Or is that rude?" I asked Alex and he assured me it shouldn't be much of a problem and he also said that he was in fact uncircumcised. So we had a discussion about it and my ignorance and shallowness kicked in and I went on a rant about how I prefer circumcised men, and that I'd never wanna sexually pursue an uncut guy. Alex.didn't take any offence. He just made a couple jokes, called me shallow and we dropped the subject.

Where I live, there isn't much to do as far as partying and clubbing so Alex invited me out to Manhattan where he was partying and I'd stay at his house in Queens like I had done before. So I agreed and new years eve we partied and I met a few of his friends. That night I was beyond drunk. Alex had a couple of drinks but he was the driver so he didn't get messed up. After we got back to his house he walked with me to his room. Now usually when I stayed with him, he slept on the couch. So for him to follow me into the room kind of caught me off guard. I slipped my pajamas on over my dress then slid my dress down to my ankles while Alex stood behind me and watched quietly, most likely waiting to see something. I climbed in the bed and Alex turned off the lights and got in next to me, niether of us spoke a word.

The awkward silence that came over us as we layed in bed was overbearring. I turned my back to Alex and faced the wall, thinking that would make it less uncomfortable. To my surprise, he cuddled me. By this time, I was starting to sober up and I was fully aware of what was going on. My mind started to fill with sexual thoughts. Could I really be attracted to my BFF?? I could feel him rubbing my stomach and nudging me to turn and face him, so I did. We now layed face to face in the total darkness. My eyes were wide open wondering what was to come. And before I could react, Alex pulled me closer and kissed me. As his lips met mine I couldnt help but notice that this was for some reason, a very natural feeling. It was no longer awkward and the elephant in the room had disappeared.

Our kisses got more intense as Alex positioned me ontop of him. I eagerly climbed aboard. He slipped my shirt off with one easy motion and then my bra. In less than a minute I was completly exposed and he was pulling down his pants. Since it was pitch black in the room, I couldnt see how big he was, but I could feel how excited he was from all of the grinding that was going on. He pulled down his pants and got inside me. It was overwhelming. Not only was I having sex with my BFF, but it was unprotected AND I was now contradicting my shallowness by being with an uncircumsised man. At one moment, I even caught myself mouthing the words "OH MY GOD" (as in OH MY GOD I CANT BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING!) I rode him for a little while and then we switched postions and he was ontop of me. We never stopped kissing thoughout the whole ordeal. He wasnt very big but I have had smaller...i'd say 7 inches. I sensed that he was very focused; I think this was in the back of his mind for a while. As he stroked in and out of me, he'd get rougher and faster and I couldnt help but dig my nails into his back. He put my legs over his shoulder and went all the way in as far as he could, and my juices flowed all over him. He bit my shoulder in extasy. He slowed down a little but still kept his depth. Slow deep strokes until he finally released. He pulled out and sat back to catch his breath. I was in complete and utter shock at what had just occured, but I was NOT complaining. He went to the bathroom to clean up and I put my pajamas back on. I rolled back into my side of the bed and he climbed back into his and we went to sleep. STILL, niether of us spoke a word....

The next morning, I woke up feeling nauseous. I climbed over Alex and ran to the bathroom to make myself throw up. I brushed my teeth and got back into bed. As I did that, he woke up slightly. I layed on my back looking at the ceiling thinking about everything that had happened a few hours before. And at that exact moment as im replaying the previous events, IT HAPPENED!

There is a part 2 if you guys are interested. Let me know! :)

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