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A new tool

Published on Nov 20, 2015

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A new tool

making better presentations

What happens when students present?

They use

  • bullet
  • after bullet
  • after bullet
  • after bullet
  • after bullet
  • after bullet
  • Opps I have to stop I have 7 bullets
  • Next slide

Then they

  • Read
  • each
  • and
  • every
  • bullet
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Until everyone falls asleep

What if there were a better way

Not PowerPoint

Not Google Presentation

Looks like PowerPoint anyway
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Fun but makes me dizzy
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It's not about the presentation software.

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It's about the presentation

How can we focus only on the presentation

Haiku Deck was built for this

Haiku Deck limits the words on a slide.

Haiku helps keep focus

On the content

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It has basic font/theme

Choose a slide template

Grab a layout

Throw a picture/chart/color in there

Move to the next slide

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Add some charts

And finish

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Click the gear

and share

All of your students

will have amazing presentations


Don't make presentation day the worst day
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