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A Big Ask - Part Two

Published on Feb 09, 2024

She was alone and the post coital bliss of her first fuck from Tom had almost faded away. While her bedroom was familiar and intimate, she somehow felt some uneasy like waking after a strange dream. She remembered the events of the evening, less than an hour ago and how she’s come to be lying with her groin propped up skywards. The robe covered most of her body but her crotch was exposed with a cool and damp feeling. She felt some discomfort from the bend in her lower back where the pillows were wedged under her ass.

She started to move, pulling the robe that was loosely lying on top of her naked body. She felt the fluids inside her shift as she moved and covered her pussy with her hand to stop them leaking onto the bedsheets. Her pubes were sticky and crusty from the dried cum and she could smell the scent of sex heavy in the air. She got upright, hand still covering her crotch, scooted to the end of the bed in an undignified manner and waddled to the ensuite bathroom.

She sat on the toilet and removed her hand. The cum slowly seeped out of her, dripping into the bowl. It kept on going, drip after drip she watched it slip out of her. She looked around and saw a small cup next to the sink. She’d had the tools for the back-up turkey baster plan in case she couldn’t convince Tom to go through with it, or was it to convince Mark of her intentions?

She placed the cup below her oozing pussy and drip after drip of collected into the bottom of it. Hell, how much had Tom put into her? When the flow coming out of her finally slowed, she tipped the contents into the toilet and put the cup in the trash for Mark to find in case he went looking. Not he’d asked about the detail of how she’d get inseminated nor had she’s explained much. He had trusted her and she felt the sting of deceit keenly.

Sex had had a taboo when she was growing Catholic up and whilst she’d had boyfriends growing up and even given a few head once or twice, Mark had been her first. She’d found sex to more fun than she’d imagined and whilst she was happy in the marriage, she now sort of regretted not fooling around in the younger days. Now here she was committing adultery, how she’d changed from that good little girl.

She been taught masturbation was a sin, sex was between two marriage people and for procreation but she now lost these hang up as she’s gotten older. She experimentally touched herself gently on the clit making slow circular motion. It felt slippery and whilst a little tender, the sensation was nice. Her other hand was slick where she’d been blocking the flow and she looked at the glistening fluid coating her fingers.

She raised it to her hand and sniffed. Yep, it was definitely cum, she thought with some of her own juices mixed in. She’d seen and gotten her husband’s cum plenty of times on her hands, but she was more curious about these messy secretion.

This was what she’d be obsessed with for the last few months, the key to her dreams of a family. In her mind’s eye had seemed like some magical elixir that would grant her heart’s desire, and in a very literal sense it was. But now it’s appearance was just a white stick juice covering her fingertip. She didn’t know why she did it, perhaps it was the orgasmic tingle she felt rising between her legs but she raise her fingers to her lips and tasted them. It was salty but not unpleasantly so and she started to think of Tom’s cock pulsing inside of her again.

She continued to lick, nearly cleaning her fingers whilst rubbing herself faster until a thought sprang into her mind, "You’re a slut!". The thought took her by surprise, and she physically reconciled from it and stopped touching herself. What she’d done she done for her, her husband and her future family. But here she was, masturbating naked with a pussy dripping with another man’s cum and liking the tasting of it. She’d seduced and fucked her husband’s best friend, deceiving the man she loved. In turn he’d played with her ass, eaten her out, given her an incredibly intense orgasm.

The conviction that had made her feel so confident in the actions she’d taken was now wavering. She wanted to be a mother, she wanted to be pregnant, of that she was certain, but was she pregnant now? How would she know? Did she feel pregnant? It was too early to tell and she couldn’t take a test be sure for several days. She’d asked for Tom to come back for two more nights and now, with this precedent, would be expecting to fuck her again and again. The prospect of another night of passion with Tom aroused her and she had to be sure she got pregnant. But how much deceit was too much? Angela turned on and got into the shower, its warm rains relaxing her, washing away the evidence of her betrayal. She dressed for bed and went around the room returning it to its earlier state.

She’d been lying in bed for few hours, trying but failing to drift off to sleep when Mark got back from work. He was quiet, expecting her to be sleeping and slipped under the covers on their now desecrated marital bed with her. She stirred to signal she was awake, and he rolled over, cuddled up to her. "How did tonight go?" he asked softly. "It went well" she replied. "Tom was a bit reluctant, but he did what I asked of him". Well that wasn’t a lie she thought. Mark put an arm her around waist and hand over her stomach. His warmth and embrace felt good but all she could think was that under his hand, sperm that wasn’t his, were at work deep inside of her.

She left early for work and the activities of a busy day at the hospital distracted from the conflict she felt. The occasional sight of a woman and new-born leaving the neighbouring maternity wing made her hopeful and excited. It bolstered her resolve again and she suppressed any notions that what she’d done wouldn’t be worth it.

‘Eye on the prize’ repeated the little mantra in her mind. In rare moment of quiet, she daydreamed, her mind wandering back to the previous night. The feeling of Tom filling her up with cock and cum. Her pussy felt horny and damp. The guilty feeling also returned, and she broke that train of thought. ‘No, don’t think of that, I’m not a slut!’ her mental retort but she thought of Tom putting his finger in her ass and how good it had felt, something Mark had never done to her. What was that he’d done with her ass? She’d actively stayed away from putting anything in or near her asshole in the past, fearful it might hurt and also primed with the societal scepticism that this wasn’t something normal people did.

As a nurse, she’d treated a troop of people that had come to the hospital with object lodge up their rectums and paper-thin excuses of how they had ended in the emergency room. Her professional demeanour had not reflected her confusion and slight disgust at why people would put things up there. But based on last night’s fun that perspective has shifted somewhat and whilst some of the objects she’d seen ‘recovered’ from patients still would make anyone wince, she was curious to try more.

The daydreams of sex subconsciously continued to arouse her, but as reality intruded back and work demanded her attention and she felt both ashamed at the thoughts and excited by the realisation that only a few hours of her work day remained and then tonight, Tom would once again be fucking her silly.

Tom’s had woken early and the world has seemed happy and bright. Nothing could bring him down from this unusual high. The conflict he’d experience the previous night was forgotten and there was a spring in his step that just would not go away. Could he admit to himself that last night has surpassed his wildest expectations. Dam, the forbidden fruit was the tastiest and was being served again tonight.

Mark’s text had sort of put his mind at ease, was that forgiveness and permission? Or was Mark not aware that he’d just fucked his wife. Stating the truth outright could have major and unintended consequences so he mentally twisted it’s meaning to sort of give him permission to continue. The day dragged but for no other reason that he was watching every second on the clock to pass, itching for 8pm and to re-experience fucking a woman, the way and for the reason nature had intended it.

At one-minute past eight Tom knocked on Angela’s front door. The butterflies were in his stomach again, but this time was with anticipation, not trepidation. It seemed an age passed for him between the knock and the door opening, while the rest of the universe experienced only thirty seconds or so.

Angela opened the door slowly and beckoned him inwards. She was again wearing the robe and slippers from the night before but without the make-up. He noticed she seemed a bit more hesitant than the night before but she again offered him a JD and coke which he graciously accepted. There was not much small talk but this time she took also drink too, a whiskey and soda. "Well, I won’t be able to have many more of these for a while" she half joked. "Well, not if all goes to plan…" she trailed off.

The air had a palpable tension they both felt and Tom found he couldn’t stop looking towards Angela body, remembering of what was under her robe. "I supposed we should get started" she offered, downing the last of her drink in a single swig. He nodded his agreement and followed her up the stairs to the bedroom.

Angela walked into the bedroom and stopped a foot away from the bed, facing away from Tom. He slowly approached her from behind and stopped less than a step away from her, his mouth close to her ear. ‘Same conditions as last night?’ he asked.

She paused and pondered. Could she say no? She might already be pregnant and the job was done, but then she might not be. Could she asked him to jerk off into a cup then leave her alone to complete the task clinically? But she’d already committed the sin of adultery so what was the point? Could she get this over with quickly and dispassionately, let him fuck her from behind doggy style? She might, but the arousal she felt wouldn’t let her. "Admit it" the voice in her head whispered knowingly.

She turned around to face him and their locked eyes. "Yes" came the reply from her lips. But ‘Yes’ she was a slut and wanted him was what she knew she was really acknowledging to herself. His hands move to the belt of her robe and he pulled the ends unravelling the knot that had held it closed, keeping her covered. The robe fell open and Tom once again gazed on her bare skin of her stomach.

This time Tom took the initiative and bent to kiss the nape of her neck. He nibbled and kissed around her collar bone. Angela eyes were closed but she moved her head away from his to allow him greater access. He continued kissing while his hand rose and cupped her breasts. She felt pleasure at his touch, slightly pushing herself towards him. One hand continued to caress her breast and nipple while the other headed slowly south, stroking as it went between the open gap in her robe. The hand reached her navel then pushed aside more of the robe.

Tom’s head moved down and the other found her free nipple. He took it into his mouth, sucking and licking it gently. Angela sharply expelled the breath she hadn’t realised she’d been holding. His hand moved lower on her abdomen, fingertips and palm maintaining contact with her skin as it found the top of her bush. Fingers explored the soft straight pubic hair, descending further across her mound and his mouth moved to the other nipple, leaving the first hardened and glossy with his saliva.

His index finger found the top of her folds, parting them and followed short distance to seek out her clit. As the fingers made contact their target, an almost electric sensation caused Angela to inhale deeply and rise on her tip toes a little. The digit kept in contact with her clit but entered her moist warm hole, then moved back and forth slowly at first, dipping slightly deep with each stoke. Her body trembled and warmth radiated from her pussy. Her arousal was manifest and she rocked slightly forwards and back with his movement of his hand. Tom was still fully dressed but that didn’t matter to him, his focus was solely on Angela.

His head moved further down releasing her breast and kissing all the way down her abdomen. Fingers continued their stimulation as he knelt, face coming level with her bush. The other had reached inside her robe and grasped her ass firmly. This was fortunate as she almost fell backwards when his tongue connected with her engorged clit, knees slightly giving way. Her hands went behind her and found the side of the mattress and she staggered backed onto it, perching on its edge.

Angela reclined back on to the bed, opening up her legs wider allowing him greater and greater access into her womanhood. Her pleasure edged higher and higher as he took every advantage of the increased space keeping a finger inside stroking and tongue lashing across her rigid cliterous.

Her back was now flat on the bed with her ass on the edge. Her legs splayed to either side of his head, the tension of the building orgasm brought her feet up until her heels rested onto Tom’s shoulders. He now had full access to her, nose inhaling her intimate aromas and lapping at her erogenous areas like a starving man trying to extract last flavours from a bowl of a tasty meal.

His free hand moved up and stroked her stomach with a feather like touch, then down her thigh and onto her ass. He gripped her ass cheek firmly, pulling the skin taught to expose and stretch the skin around her anus. His thumb again found and rubbed her anus slick with his drool dribbling from her moistened snatch. He made circular motions matching his tongue and other finger.

Angela felt all the sensations combine and her climax coming as building wave and her hand at her side made fists, gathering the bed sheets into bunches. Still Tom continued and the first wave of delight rolled over her, crashing into her body and causing her to clamp his head between her legs. On and on the orgasms came, each cresting higher than the last. Each peak caused a moan to escape her lips with cries uncensored expletives. Holy fuck it felt good.

Tom felt her contractions on his lips and her body go rigid, muscles in tension. He pressed hard with both finger and thumb, entering her protesting sphincter. The shock and sensation overwhelmed her and she felt a pinnacle of pure pleasure accompanied something new, a release she didn’t she was capable of. She gasped wordlessly and her body writhed uncontrollably. Tom’s tongue was suddenly a wash with warm fluid that Angela pussy spurted into his open mouth. He was caught slightly off guard by this and could do nothing but swallowed the mixture of her juices and his saliva as best he could. It was all too much and Angela’s hand pushed on the top of Tom’s head to get him to stop touching her now over sensitive nether regions.

The daze of the orgasm faded, and her logical mind started to return. ‘Holy fuck Angela, what was that!’ she thought to herself. She’d never squirted before with anyone, not even when she’d masturbated herself raw back when she started losing her sexual hang ups and figuring out the new, joyous, sensations of sex. What was she doing let Tom eat her out and stick his fingers in her ass! He’d given her orgasms in a way that not even her husband had managed. It wasn’t like Mark had never eaten her out but never like this. And what was this magic Tom was working on her ass hole? She never thought of it as erogenous zone, just for pooping, not a gateway to mind blowing orgasms.

This had started out as a way to get pregnant as quickly and as assuredly as possible but look where that had gotten her? She was willing to cross the line a bit in the sake of her seemingly noble cause of creating a loving family, but now she realised where her lust had overtaken her and how far back she’d crossed that line. It made her blanch. The line was now an invisible dot, miles back in the distance and her actions were beyond any semblance of woman she thought she was or what she was capable of. The feeling of fucking and being fucked by another man was so good… admit it, you’re a dirty fucking slut Angela. Well, her orgasm addled brain thought, if she was one, she might as well enjoy it.

Tom waited until Angela ragged breathing slowed then stood up, the neck of his T shirt showing a darkened, damp patch. He pulled off the shirt and cast it aside. Dropped his trousers and boxer shorts leaving him naked and revealing his raging hard on. Angela was lying across the bed, toes on the floor with legs splayed to either side so Tom leaned forwards and grasped both of her ankles and lifted them so they were splayed but perpendicular upwards from her body.

His hard penis was now between her thighs and resting on her sopping bush. She felt the touch of his cock on her body and glanced down to get a view of it. She could clearly see the swollen cock head pointing unerring to her face with an upward curl a throbbing movement as it moved to the pulse of Tom’s body. The meatus slightly leaked precum but gave the impression of an eye staring back at her with clear intent. He started to move back forward and back feeling small amount of friction where they touched and the stroking from her pubic hair caressing his cock.

He leaned forward whilst backing his hips up to line up with her drenched pussy. He looked down as his gland touched her vulva, his cock free to it explore as he willed it. This time there was no confusion or reluctance on his part, but he wanted to go slowly to maximise the pleasure. Small movement back and forth allowed his cock to slide up and down her soaking wet snatch. He kept in contact with her but withdrew until only the tip of his cock touched the bottom of her slit then pushed forward and slowly upwards. Her pussy lips parted and he entered her fractionally until the tip caught and started to burry against her clit. There was a momentary pushback until his cock found it’s place, then release as her lips accepted the meaty invader.

Her arousal and the slickness of their combined juices meant the was nearly no resistance to his entry and his easily buried his sword in her up to its hilt. She felt the deep penetration and gasped as his manhood bottomed out deep within her, pressing against her cervix. The tingling from her previous orgasms still present and the fullness from his girth felt as she surrendered to him completely, not that she could or wanted to hold him back. He had control of her legs and thighs dictating how she could move. She felt the hair of his legs against her ass and the touch of his balls against her asshole.

Tom withdrew carefully, the slickness meant his could easily slip out so when he’d withdrawn three quarters of the way out, he reversed direction and thrust forwards quickly, this time with more force. His legs hits her ass as he drove into her as far as he could, impact moving her up the bed an inch or so. Angela groaned at the sudden forceful entry but before the sound was complete, Tom was start retreating to strike again. He pistoned in and out of her, forceful in his penetration but ensuring the bell of his shaft never left her body.

The feeling was blissful and Tom felt powerful and in control as he directed thrust after thrust into Angela’s accepting pussy. He leaned forward and positioned her feet either side of his head, her ass now even more exposed and lifted off the bed and body curving upwards. The natural tension from the muscles and tendons pushed her legs against his, keeping them in place against his upper chest and his now free hand grasped her hips, fingers splayed across the check of each ass cheek.

He enjoyed this position offering the deepest access to penetrate her whilst the freedom to thrust and hard as he was capable of doing. ‘Fuck this felt’ good he though, as his cock bottomed out again and again kissing her cervix, her vagina gripping him despite the slickness.

Angela had surrendered to the satisfying sensation and had given him control. Her fingers still grasped the bedsheets as this purchase and the friction from her weight felt like the only thing stopping Tom slamming her across and off the bed. Where her first orgasms had originated at her clit, the thrusting produced a different kind of build-up, led by the curve of his cock pushing upwards and raking along her g spot. She was mostly helpless, pinned between the bed and Tom as his weight didn’t allow her to move upwards and his has controlled her side to side movement.

She felt his curled his finger, pulling tighter, separating her ass cheeks and exposing more of her anus and perineum. The juices were still dripping out of her, down and wetting the crack of her ass, cooling it and making it feel more vulnerable and sensitive. She remembered how he’d just played with her anus and it had pushed her over the edge.

Her back was curved like she was bending forwards, compressing her chest with the constriction making her feel a little lightheaded. As he drove into her, her lungs gasped out air, but allowed her to say, "Play with my asshole again". Despite all the distractions, Tom heard her and complied, moving one hand around and under her, placing his thumb on her puckered chocolate starfish, fingers toward pointed in the opposite direction. He found it slick and massage in a up and down motion with the pad of his thumb.

Her anus contract and pulled back inwards, causing the muscles of her pelvic floor to contract and tighten both sphincters. An involuntary movement tried to straighten legs, but Tom’s weight was firmly holding them in place, with the sensations from his thumb and cock continuing to drive her closer to a second climax.

Tom could feel his balls churn more with each stroke. He didn’t feel the need for hesitation as he did with their first fuck, but her slickness was somewhat lessening the sensation so he could suppress the growing urgency from his ball for a little bit longer.

Tom was now leaning as far forward as he dared nearly on his tiptoes, vigorously still slamming his member into Angela, their thighs absorbing each impact. He looked down seeing her tits bounce with each hit and her chin raised upwards so her face was pointed away from him. His grunts were timed with her moans and he felt his release was perilously close.

He bent his thumb and pushed inwards penetrating deep into her anus. He felt her reflexive response constrict around the digit but the slick juice eased its entry and the pressure of his body allowed her no room to escape. The invasion into her ass was a surprise sensation and again pushed Angela over the edge, her body clamped down on his cock as she started to come. She was a lightheaded as her breathing was restricted by her constrained position, but it somehow enhanced the pleasurable sensation and feelings from the deep double penetration.

Tom felt her protesting snatch contracting around his member and his back arched, head thrown back with a throaty noise, something between a yell and a groan. The next thrust brought his release and he pushed his pelvis forwards as much as he was able, shaft buried as far he could with his balls tightening, semen gushing deep into Angela’s fertile vagina. Contraction after contraction sprayed his load as his orgasm erupted across is body, following every sinew of his body from his groin to his fingertips.

The first they’d fucked Angela had been focused on feeling his come entering her and the prize for her actions and goal of pregnancy but this time her mind was on the climax and her release was epic, rippling up her body and radiating out to her extremities. Tom held himself and her in the pose, legs and arms pointing outwards from the point where they became one, bodies like an erotic sculpture capturing the moment of climax.

As the orgasmic energies receded Tom realised their position was rather precarious and lifted his weight of her but continued to hold and support her lower body. He withdrew his thumb from the depth of her protesting asshole. His engorged and glistening cock popped out of her as he backed up, flicking some of their juices out of her gaping hole and onto Angela’s stomach. Her legs were still held above her ass so the mass of his seminal fluid pooled deep inside of her, remained where he’d deposited it moments earlier. The freedom now allowed Angela to take a deep breath and the stored tension release as her confinement relaxed.

Tom lower his head and gazed on the pussy he’d just creamed. ‘A guy could definitely get used to this’ he thought, admiring his handiwork. He was still fairly erect but his cock was now pressed in the groove of her ass which rested against his lower abdomen and the hand that had been probing her, now supported the small of her back. "Should I let you go?" said Tom, unsure how best to extricate himself from the entanglement. Angela thought about trying to contain the cum now within her but realised that with this position some spillage was inevitable so she said ‘Just put the robe under me’.

Tom saw her robe was just a foot away and with one hand still supporting her legs, picked it up with the other as pushed it under her back. Angela used the elbows to scooted a bit back on the bed until her feet were at the edge of the bed. As her bum touched the bed the cum flowed out of her yawning, redden pussy, along her ass crack and collecting onto the robe, staining it dark in places.

Tom looked to Angela laying on the bed and the mess they’d made not sure what to do next. He’d normally like some post fuck cuddling to make the girl feel special, but he wasn’t sure that would be welcome or warranted in this situation. He felt tired from his exertions and wanted to relax and enjoy the post orgasm glow so he moved off to the side of Angela and lay on his back on the bed next to her.

They lay next to each other for a few minutes or so, not touching but both enjoying their post coital sensations. While some of Angela’s licentious feelings had be satiated, the draw to be closer to Tom had gotten even stronger. She wanted to reach over to him, touch his chest, kiss his lips and tell him how good he’d just made her feel. How this would be an experience she’d never forget and how it would certainly result child would connect them in an exceptional way. She wanted to so badly, but… but it was also a betrayal. A betrayal of her marriage vows and the life she had with Mark.

She had already placed Tom in the most awkward of situation and her lustful feeling were pulling her deeper down this rabbit hole of deceit. She stared at the ceiling as the clash of words wanted to come out. All she could say was "You can go now, Tom". She’s meant it as an attempt to less the feeling of betrayal to Mark but now that equally felt like a slap in the face of the man who she’d just performed the most intimate of deeds with.

Tom rose from the bed, picked up his clothes strew across the floor and dressed. He occasionally glanced towards Angela. She made no actions to cover herself and he could clearly see his cum leaking from her gawping snatch and pooling on robe. He’d felt some pride in his performance tonight and whilst he didn’t expect a ticker tape parade and brass band, he felt somewhat disappointed at Angela’s lack of response. Not that he was in any position to dispute where things were. He’d got her off and himself as well. The deed was done and whilst he’d like to stay longer, he did really need to make himself scare.

He walked to the bedroom door and just as he passed through, he heard her call out after him, "Thank you Tom, that was amazing’. He paused and grinned to himself, then without looking back left the house. All the way home all he could smell was Angela’s pussy rising from the juices staining his T-shirt and it filled his mind with lust and anticipation of their final night together.

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