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9 Website Tips for 2015

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Websites that wow are not randomly made! Use these suggestions to create effective and engaging websites this year. Learn more about how to improve websites at melissaegg.com/blog


9 Website TIPs

For a Terrific ONLine PResence in 2015

1. Stand Out

Be Unique, Don't Copy Competitors.
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2. Make Personas

Know your Audience Exceptionally Well.
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3. Use Conent Strategy

at the Page Level. Give Each page a Goal.

4. Learn Usability

Don't Guess How people use Websites!
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5. Write for the Web

Make text USER & Mobile friendly.
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6. Fix TYPOS & Bad Links

Gain Trust and IMprove Credibility This way.
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7. Make it Accessible

Consider your less-abled audiences.
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8. USe Great Photos

Avoid Poor Quality and "filler" Photos.

9. Keep Improving

STrive for Ever Higher Standards.
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