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7 Lessons at Pubcon

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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7 Lessons at Pubcon

Day 2 - Navah Berg 
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Black is the NEW Black.
(when it comes to images)
- Guy Kawasaki

Marketing is a Tinder world. Not an eHarmony world.
We make snap judgments.
- Guy Kawasaki

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Content is like baseball.
Bunts, walks, little swings and
BIG swings⚾️.
- Dave Roher

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@add links, quizzes, chapters, branching, and more to all your videos with Hapyak.
-matt siltal

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Not all keywords are equal.
Think slang...there are different ways to say the same thing.
- Bruce Clay

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Create alerts for your brand name and your competitors with a tool like Perchapp.com
- Mindy Weinstein

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LinkedIn Pulse is indexed by Google.
- Sean Jackson

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