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7 Learnings via PERISCOPE

Published on Nov 19, 2015

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7 leaRnings via PERISCOPE

From Coca-Cola Romania's #ShareAKiss Campaign
Photo by Ian Muttoo

1. preplan and test, test, adjust

  • First discussed #ShareAKiss Periscope activation mechanism 1 month ago
  • Tested 4 times and changed mechanism accordingly
  • Final setup at #BizSMSCamp changed the plan again
  • Laptop / desktop layout and on-phone / tablet content display is different, affecting screen capture and future use of content

2. One backup Internet connection= not enough

  • Neither is a second hotspot
  • Or a third one
  • Or even a fourth sometimes
  • Periscope will not even start the stream if the data connection is not good enough
  • Make sure you test out as much as possible and secure the working connection with a password (thanks @rostefan!)
Photo by Jaymis

3. make sure you brief everyone right

  • The app / platform is very very new
  • People are not aware of how it works
  • If there is a mechanism to the activation, take time to explain what people should do as clearly as possible
Photo by JeepersMedia

4. things never go according to plan

  • 30 seconds before the first live stream... the connection was not working
  • We forgot to open up a screen capture app
  • We planned to show the live stream on a screen at the same time BUT found that there is a 5 to 10 second delay
Photo by crises_crs

5. improv / adjust in real-time

  • Umm.... did I mention 30 second before the start we could not begin the live stream? We "casually" bought time until we could start.
  • People are roaming around? Join them!
  • Don't be afraid to be a bit... less serious?
  • Play around and try to give what's happening a unique spin (if you're good enough- if not, practice this!)

6. technology fails

  • Troubles Connecting to Periscope Server: Check
  • Stream scrambled and NOT uploaded for further use and 24 hour replay? Yup
  • Periscope crashing at the end of the stream, with the recorded video lost? You betcha.
Photo by PSParrot

7. did i mention having more than 1 backup?

See previous slide. All of that happened. But we had backups for each.
Photo by neeravbhatt

International kissing... Week :) Continues!

Between July 6 to 12 2015


  • Follow @CocaColaRomania on Twitter + Periscope
  • Start a live stream in Periscope yourself (we'll be notified if you follow us and follow back!)
  • We'll join your live stream and send you a #ShareAKiss Challenge
  • You could be featured in our video!
Photo by MegMoggington