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6 Word Story

Published on Nov 23, 2015

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Romeo and Juliet

Teen Angst Tends To Make Problems

Act I, Prolouge

Spoiler, Ancient Strife Means Kids Die

Act I, Scene i

Fights Erupt, And Romeo Only Mopes

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Act I, Scene ii

Paris Seeks Marriage, Parallels Sad Party-Goers

Act I, Act iii

The Nurse Reminisces, Delays Marriage Talks

Act I, Scene iv

Ominous Stars Watch Romeo Visit Party

Act I, Scene v

The Titular Lovers Make "First Contact"

Act II, Prologue

Passion's Power Makes Interaction Possible, Sometimes.

Act II, Scene i

Juliet's Garden Infiltrated By Wishing Suitor

Act II, Scene iii

Houses Joined By Friar's Marriage Ceremony

Act II, Scene iv

Nurse's Sketchy Ladder Will Consummate Marriage

Act II, Scene V

A Holy Matrimony Initiates Violent Ends

Act III, Scene I

Two deaths leave the Prince pissed

Act III, Scene ii

The Nurse's Stammering Makes Juliet Cry

Act III, Scene iii

Romeo's Mood Swings Hamper Friar's Advice

Act III, Scene iv

Calendar Confusion Leads to Thursday Marriage

Act III, Scene V

Romeos Absence Makes Juliet's Hand Available

Act IV, Scene i

Friar's Plan Makes Juliet's Hands Cold

Act IV, Scene ii

Changes Of Heart Moves Wedding Date

Act IV, Scene iii

Juliet's Paranoia Precedes The Plan's Initiation

Act IV, Scene iv

Nurse Is Sent To Find Juliet

Act IV, Scene V

The Nurse Finds Juliet Probably Dead

Act V, Scene i

Bad Misinformation Makes Romeo's Return Bittersweet

Act V, Scene ii

Crowbar Wielding Friar Intends To Help

Act V, Scene iii

Many characters perish, become gilded memorials