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5 Secret Content Curation Tools

ByMartin Smith|6791 views |Business

Content curation is becoming the next big thing. Use these tools to reduce costs and increase profits from your content curation.

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  1. 5 secrets secret & disruptive content curation tools & how to use 'em

    1. 5 Secrets

    Secret & Disruptive Content Curation Tools & How to Use 'em

    Some of these "secret" tools are well known, but how we use them in conjunction with each other is part of the "secret". Here is the post I wrote when I was Marketing Director at Atlantic BT about these tools:

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  2. 2. 5 "secret" Curation tools

    • Haiku Deck
    • Pinterest
    • GPlus

    These tools are powerful individually but nuclear in combination with each other.

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  3. haiku deck change how you think about content

    3. Haiku Deck

    Change How You THINK About Content

    More than a presentation tool Haiku Deck is a visual marketing tool. The tool is brilliant - put a useable interface on the creative commons that helps match ideas to available images. Brilliant.

  4. 4. Haiku Deck

    • What: creative commons accessible.
    • Why: visual juxtaposition is easy.
    • Why: hard to find cool FREE images.
    • Why: changes how you THINK.
    • Benefit: better branding!

    More than FINDING great images Haiku Deck helps you SEE how to map marketing communication, how to match arresting images to the great content you create.

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  5. fast content curation feedback, community


    Fast Content Curation Feedback, Community

    Here are my "magazines":

  6. 6.

    • What: spider social web, creates cool magazine. 
    • Why: great community of power curators.
    • Why: easy to use, beautiful.
    • Why: amps up curation reach lowers costs.
    • Benefit: lowers content creation risks, great Fast BI. is the key to successful use of almost all other tools in our content marketing engine. My

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  7. creates cool "daily" from your content


    Creates Cool "Daily" From Your Content is powerful and underestimated (a combination I love). My

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  8. 8.

    • What: "Daily Paper" from your content.  
    • Why: extends existing content reach.
    • Why: LOTS of social shares.
    • Why: EASY, beautiful, simple.
    • Benefit: More curation reach for less $. is a brilliant mashup and claw back of your brand, company or individual investment in Twitter. Tweets blow through like a Texas tornado. helps you create a cool "Daily Paper" from your content and this magical tool mashes up content from people you follow based on a solid algorithm. Magical and one of those tools you know there is a whole other dimension of POWER your content curation hasn't touched yet.

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  9. pinterest community of visual collage

    9. Pinterest

    Community of Visual Collage

    Don't be fooled by the early press, Pinterest is about mastering visual marketing and you tell us what marketing is NOT going to be more and more visual? We've built a BIGGER following on Pinterest FASTER than any other content curation tool and trust me we use 'em all. My Pinterest

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  10. 10. Pinterest

    • What: image "pinning" to boards.
    • Why: visual marketing is HERE.
    • Why: presents ideas FAST.
    • Why: helps visualize complex ideas.
    • Benefit: image treasure vault, community.

    My Pinterest

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  11. google+ revolution in online communication

    11. Google+

    Revolution in online communication

    GPlus guru B. L. Ochman describe Google Plus as, "Not a social net, like other social networks, but a revolution in online communication". We agree and love all the "anti-GooglePlus" noise. Keep it up as we use this powerful engine in a way any such judgments will be costly (and costly in ways where those who think them may never recover). Martin W. Smith

  12. 12. Google Plus

    • What: content curation tool set.
    • Why: its GOOGLE.
    • Why: great community power users.
    • Why: conversational & Hang Outs.
    • Benefit: dISRUPT existing SEO FAST.

    More and more our marketing world is about conversations. G+ is the most powerful conversation tool available. Hang Outs, once the bugs are out, are going to change everything as we move closer and closer to real time shares, social support and content creation. My GPlus:

  13. martin w. smith @scenttrail

    13. Martin W. Smith


    Martin(at) @ScentTrail @CureCancerStart @StoryofCancer