5 Presentation Worries to STOP Sweating

Published on Nov 06, 2015

Presentations are stressful! Here are 5 worries to stop sweating immediately.


5 PresentationWorries

to Stop Sweating
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#1 Fear of Failure

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Fear & anxiety are a natural part of speaking

Fear does not equal failure

Reframe fear as excitment

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#2 Worst Case Scenario

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Your mind is not your friend

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Temptation to dream up everything that can go WRONG!

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Visualize the presentation going better than expected

Focus on creating value for the audience

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#3 What if I forget?

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Don't worry about remembering every point of your presentation

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Only YOU know what you left out

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The audience won't miss it

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Don't fret about what you forgot

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#4 Constant Comparison

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Worried about another speaker having a better speech or PowerPoint slides or a nicer suit?


Speaking is not a competition

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Focus on connection with the audience

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#5 Screwing Up

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The pressure to be perfect is immense

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Making a mistake during a presentation seems like the end of the world

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Mistakes are magic

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Humanizes you to the audience

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If a mistake happens, roll with it & the audience will support you

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Ready to rebel against the status quo?

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