5 Creative Principles for Remarkable Presentations

Published on Nov 06, 2015

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5 Creative Principles for Remarkable Presentations

You have
A Deadline

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But all you have is a blank piece of paper

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A blinking cursor

An empty PowerPoint slide

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Crafting a presentation is a creative process

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Like choreographing a ballet

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or writing a novel

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A remarkable presentation is an artistic creation. You’ve got to get your creative juices flowing!

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First Creative Principle

Step away from the computer

If you feel stuck, take a walk.
Do nothing and be bored.
Color with Crayons.

Creativity is stimulated when you’re not focused on the task at hand

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Second Creative Principle

Create the speech you would like to hear

A presentation is art to be consumed by the people in the room and should begin with your audience in mind.

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Third Creative Principle

Create “Yes and...” ideas
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Remarkable presentations don't recycle other people’s ideas, they build upon them

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There are always new combinations of ideas, new twists, and a new way to “yes and” your speech into a noteworthy talk.

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Fourth Creative Principle

Use obscurity to play with presentations
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The unknown speaker can experiment with her presentation

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Break the rules of speaking to discover what works for you.

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Fifth Creative Principle

Know the constraints
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Constraints make you more creative

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Challenge yourself to use 3 metaphors in your speech.

Discover how you can use a cliffhanger story in your presentation.

Adhere to only 5 words on every slide.

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Don’t let the blank page or blinking cursor taunt you into creating a mediocre presentation

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Treat your speech like art

Get your creative juices flowing. Choose one of these principles and create something that has never been seen before.

Make your speech remarkable

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