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3Doodler vs. Polaroid

Published on Apr 01, 2017

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3Doodler vs. Polaroid

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3DSyntech (Polaroid)

  • What is 3DSyntech?
  • First launched at the CES 2017 on January 5-8 in Las Vegas
  • MSRP $129.99 USD
  • Launching date: April 2017
What is 3DSyntech?
According to their website 3D Synergy Technologies is a company that helps provide product manufacturing and strategize solutions for some of the world’s top toy companies. Their latest undertaking is towards the printing industry with the goal of delivering easy to use, advanced, and cost-effective 3D printing to consumers.
Recently they have partnered up with Polaroid to introduce new 3D products to the public.
The 3D pen that will be introduce is called Polaroid 3D Pen - DRW100 and its MSRP is $129.99. It will be available in 5 colours (Blue, black, yellow, white, and pink)
The 3D pen was first announced/launched to the public at the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show on January 5-8 in Las Vegas
They plan to officially launch in April 2017 and would be available in retail outlets across the US and Canada starting in April
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  • What is 3Doodler?
  • Currently have 3 different models of 3D Pens
  • Kids: $49, Create Pen: $99, Pro Pen: $249
What is 3Doodler? Its the world's first and best 3D pen. According to their site, they currently have 3 different models of 3D pen. Their model and price includes: 3doodler starts that is for age 8 or above at the price of $49, 3Doodler create at the price of $99 (it's the most popular one and it's made for everybody), and 3Doodler Pro that costs $249 (mainly used for engineers, artists and architects). In the year of 2014, they did a showcase at 3D Printshow in London that allows guest to create 3D plastic sculptures out of nothing. 3Doodler have many social media accounts that displays pictures, videos, and tutorials.

Overview of the Problem

3DSyntech vs. 3Doodler 
the overview of the problem
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Alternative Recommendation #1: Pop-up Store

  • Pros: Create exposure and have people spread the word
  • Cons: May be costly and hard to find a venue for the weekend
local street traffic to people who've never heard of 3D pen.
Gives everyone a hands on experience
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Alternative Recommendation #2: Contest

  • Pros: Generate more traffic to the site and increase social media followers
  • Cons: time consuming, need a lot of effort and may be costly
  • #3dpolaroidcontest
Hold a contest for the best creation using the Polaroid 3D pen once it's launched. And winners get new products such as new refills or send them $300 worth of new products. The contestants can create anything or freestyle using only the new Polaroid 3D pen. The contest will be held on Instagram and Facebook. The criterias of the following includes: the picture or video of the creation must be visibly clear, small description of their creativity or what inspired them to create the 3D figure with the hashtag of #3dpolaroidcontest, the contestants must follow and like the official accounts on Instagram and Facebooks. The cost would be about ~$10,000 advertising on social media platforms based on industry.
The pros would be holding a contest may help generate more traffic to the site , increase page performance and growth, increase social media followers, engaging with the audience or contestants and lastly it may have the potential to go viral. However, the cons would be you need alot of time, effort and money to host the contest, may not have alot of submission and the sales might be only temporary.

Alternative Recommendation #3: Youtube

  • Pro: Exposure to the public
  • Con: Youtubers will have the freedom to say anything
Sponsoring youtubers with large subscribers/platform before the launching date can help bring attention to the product
Having them do unboxing and/or review video about the product can help viewers to know more about the product and it can generate more traffic to the website and also increase sales
The selected youtubers can have a chance to host a giveaway to their viewers which can create a lot of buzz
The overall cost would be based on the amount of selected youtubers.
The pros:
- Exposure to the public
- Honest review about the product
- If youtuber likes the product, they might feature the product in other future videos
- & It can help in the future to bring the product worldwide as viewers are different different places in the world
The cons:
- youtubers will have the freedom to say anything
- it could bring in negative responses if the youtuber said something bad about the 3D pen
-There's a possibly that there might not be a lot of youtubers agreeing to try the product out
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  • What the public would like about the new 3D Pen from Polaroid
  • Pros: Able to reach out to thousands of viewers
  • Cons: Some consumers may not be exposed to these individuals channels
Its trendy and current.
They are the next it celebrities these days.
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Necessary actions

  • Find Youtubers that have large subscribers/ platform
  • Contact the Youtubers
  • Ship out the product
  • Youtubers must upload a video
1. Find youtubers that have large subscribers or follower counts
2. Reach out or contact the youtubers such as iJustine, Unbox Therapy (Torontonian youtuber), Marques Brownlee asking them if they want to try out the product
3. If they're willing to try it out, ship it out to them
4. Videos can be about unboxing and/or review video about the product and the company

Thank you!

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