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30 DIY gift ideas

Published on Nov 25, 2016

A Thrifty Sustainability guide: 30 DIY gift ideas - Christmas is on the way, it can be an expensive time. No need to get into debt with these simple, thrifty homemade gifts to give to family and friends. Visit ThriftySustainability.net for more inspiration to live a thrifty and sustainable lifestyle.


30 DIY Gift Ideas

ThriftySustainability.net - thrifty homemade gifts

Make a mixtape

Their favourite tracks on Cassette/CD/USB stick
Photo by macappsaddict

Homemade Christmas Cookies

Great gift for a family
Photo by seelensturm

Customise a mug

Using a Sharpie pen!

Homemade ornaments

Create character decorations using fabric scraps
Photo by cuttlefish

Fill a character pouch with sweets

Make a funny box or pouch using cardboard and felt tips
Photo by Berries.com

Bucket of useful stuff

Fill a paint bucket with home DIY essentials
Photo by herzogbr

Herb & spice tins

give a selection of dried herbs and spices

Homemade Jam, Chutney & Alcohol

Check out the recipes on this website!
Photo by terriem

Cookie mix in a jar

Fill jar with ingredients, add a recipe on the label

Decorate a tile with Sharpies

Or ceramic paint - can be used as a coaster or a special tile.
Photo by tterrag

Paint a picture

Unleash your inner artist and create something special
Photo by pedrosimoes7

Fill a jar with homemade sweets

Sugared orange, dipped in dark chocolate

Homemade Brownies

Add icing sugar trees or edible glitter
Photo by lesteph

Homemade Sloe Gin

Check out the recipe on this blog!

Hot chocolate kit

Bag of hot chocoalte and marshmallows

Hamper of goodies

fill a basket with homemade goodies, candles and sweets

Bottled Sauce

Make all-purpose tomato and basil sauce for pasta/pizza
Photo by Mountain/\Ash

Make a soft toy

Make a little soft toy from fabric scaps or old clothing
Photo by greffy

Homemade toffee vodka

Check out the recipe on this blog!

Make wildflower seed packets

♥ Help the bees ♥
Photo by bochalla

Recycled cork message board

Fill a frame with glued-down corks, just add pins!
Photo by pixn8tr

Homemade herb garden

plant mixed herbs in a window box or recycled plastic tubs
Photo by lnitsche

Framed photo of a special memory

You could even make the frame yourself

Fill small sacks with Lavender

Lavender sacks keep clothes drawers smelling fresh
Photo by gagilas

Fabric in a frame

Stitch a favourite character onto stretched fabric

Pixelated Coasters

Glue 8-bit style bead art onto a base

Burned design on chopping board

Using a soldering iron or blowtorch

Etch a glass with your own design

Photo by LeJyBy

Mix your own granola

present it in a mason jar
Photo by redfox

DIY vouchers

For a babysitting session / massage / dinner etc...