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21st Century Workforce Skills

Published on Nov 20, 2015

This Haiku Deck explains eight skills students need to be successful in the 21st century workforce.


21st Century Workforce Skills

by: Darlene Smith

Creativity and Innovation:
Use knowledge and understanding to create new
ways of thinking in order to find solutions to new
problems and to create new products and services.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving:
Applying higher order thinking to new problems and
issues, using appropriate reasoning as they effectively analyze the problem and make decisions about the most effective ways to solve the problem

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Communicating effectively in a wide variety of forms and contexts for a wide range of purposes and using multiple media and technologies

Working with others respectfully and effectively to
create, use, and share knowledge, solutions, and

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Information Management:
Accessing, analyzing, synthesizing, creating and sharing information from multiple sources.

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Effective Use of Technology:
Creating the capacity to identify and use technology efficiently, effectively, and ethically as a tool to access, organize, evaluate and share information

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Career and Life Skills:
Developing skills for becoming self-directed,
independent learners and workers who can adapt to change, manage projects, take responsibility for their work, lead others and produce results.

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Cultural Awareness:
Developing cultural competence in working with others by recognizing and respecting cultural differences and work with others from a wide range of cultural and social backgrounds.

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