21st-century Vertical Articulation

Published on Jun 30, 2018

A simplistic 4-step process for providing meaningful, effective vertical curriculum articulation for schools. Courtesy of Eitner Education. #EitnerEDU


Vertical Articulation

for 21st-century schools  

Dr. Jay Eitner

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In order to articulate properly, we need a hand.

The essential issue: 

We can successfully articulate in 4 phases:

  • Vertical curriculum articulation
  • A peer-leadership program
  • A webpage strictly devoted to parents & students about transitioning into middle and high school
  • Creating new procedures to ensure accurate academic placement
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Our Mission & Vision requires vertical articulation to ensure maximum potential for success.

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Curriculum articulation will:

  • Eliminate duplicate course work
  • Allow more electives and academic variety
  • Create an easier transition into a new school
  • Align standards with all of our programming
  • Provide efficiency for tax payers
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How do we do this?

Phase I: The Establishment of a Curriculum Council

  • Establish a new online forum - a google group solely dedicated to administrators so we can establish clear, consistent communication.
  • Identify where we stand within four academic areas: -ELA -Math -Science -Social Studies
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  • Establish a team of high school, middle school, AND elementary teachers, counselors, curriculum specialists, and administrators who will identify what is needed on our end. This team will examine each grade level grade, with the main objective of identifying any overlaps or gaps in instruction.
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The team will meet aggressively during both the summer and the school year. While I understand that this will be time-consuming and compensation will have to be offered (release, PD time, summer hours), the benefits to all will be amazing.

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The team will upload ALL curricula from ALL schools onto a google docs forum where ALL can ALL comment and address conflicts.

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The team will then establish common 'end lines' for 5th & 8th grade and 'starting lines' for all 6th & 9th-grade classes that are aligned with the standards.

The entire team will also meet quarterly to review progress. I will be monitoring initial meetings and will be available to be a support at any further meetings when requested.

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If enough time has been granted for everyone to meet, we can achieve this goal in one year.

Phase II: Establish a Peer Group for Articulation

  • Peer leadership groups (juniors and 7th graders) will be established and will be deployed to schools to meet with incoming students to share experiences and expectations.
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Phase III: Establish a Website on Articulation

  • The new website will feature:
  • Information on what's expected upon entering high school
  • Dates, times, and locations in one central place
  • Screencasts, videos, and documents available to complete online or download
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Phase IV: Ensure Accurate Student Placement

  • Accurately placed students will:
  • become acquainted with course offerings
  • conference with their counselor regarding course selection & academics
  • begin to chart a growth path and set goals
  • Receive reviews by multiple counselors; students are not a number
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Let's work smarter, not harder. We got this!

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