21 point outline

Published on Nov 18, 2015

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21 point outline

the Ultimate Webinar Formula
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Confirm title and promise of the Webinar

They will get an attendance prize

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Get out pen and paper

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Build likability and trust with a quick friendly intoduction

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Give great useful content

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Slide from content into your pitch

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Build Value before giving away price

Use testimonials to build social proof

Describe the product in as much or as little detail to build excitement and project simplicity

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Let them know about fast action bonuses, a reason to act now

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Add up the value of the course and all bonuses to put a big dollar figure out there

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Remind them people who can make a decision are the ones who will do the best with the course

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Restate the list price, but BECAUSE you are on this webinar, I have a very special offer for you

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Summarize that they get the course, plus all the bonuses, the value from #11 for just $XYZ if they go to BESTDOMAIN.com

The domain leads to a summary page of highlights which re-excites

Let them feel safe about saying yes and give a guarantee

Overcome objections through FAQs

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Thank them for attending the Webinar

Get everyone to go your summary page because you want to move them closer to the buy button

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Then welcome those who did buy and give them a first step

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Remind the on-the-fence people that they still have a short window of time to act now and get the course, plus all the bonuses

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