12 Steps to Online Exposure Greatness for Real Estate

Published on Nov 18, 2015

With over 90% of those wanting to buy a home starting their search online, the internet has become an important mechanism to real estate agents wanting to sell their sellers listings. However, some don't engage the Net in the best possible ways to give their real estate sellers maximum exposure. This "maximum" exposure is a win win for the realtor because, not only does this assist the sellers listing to sell faster, it gives the agent mucho exposure online.


Attract more views

for your online real estate listing in 12 steps


Take a lot and choose the BEST... Max Online Uploads

Money shot

Find the "main photo" that says, "this is the home I want to see more of!"
Photo by Kendyl Young


The Number 1 most important room - focus on upgrades
Photo by switz213


LOL - Bathrooms are Number 2 :) of the most important rooms


List them All in Detail
Photo by Crown Molding


Each word is index-able - be detailed!

Virtual Tour - V/T

  • Pay for a professional V/T
  • or Build a V/T online
  • Online real estate sites use V/T's Heavily!
  • Some online buyers only view homes with V/T
  • Most V/T Companies upload your tours online!

Blog it

Rename photos to keywords and descriptive phrases
Photo by PhotKing ♛

Activerain it

  • Enter Descriptive Text
  • Drop in "renamed photos"
  • Drop in HTML from Virtual Tour
  • Link back to your Blog
  • Link to your Social Media Postings

social it

  • Pinterest Post - Makes Sense :)
  • Twitter the link to your Blog Post
  • Google Plus the link to Pinterest / Blog
  • Facebook everything
  • Share 7 X others content then do it again

Take notes

  • Keep track of the online links to the listing
  • Include links when writing blog articles
  • Cross reference in your online efforts
  • Every "relevant" mention equates to more views
  • Ask your sellers to share your online efforts!

Rinse and Repeat

Update Weekly - showings - stats - feedback

practice makes perfect

  • Some items may seem insurmountable
  • The more you do it, the better you will become
  • Don't cheat or cut corners with copy and paste
  • Everything you publish should be original
  • Let your sellers know what you are up to!
Photo by jeffweese

Who are we not?

  • We R Not Real Estate coaches
  • We R Not Search Engine Optimizers
  • We R Not Selling the next best online thingy
  • We R Not Internet and Web 2.0 experts
  • We R Not selling anything to you

We are...

  • Real Estate agents
  • Writers of Content 7000+ articles
  • Those that have seen Huge Listing Views
  • Those that love "building out" our Sellers Listings
  • Not pie in the sky types wanting the easy way out

Thanks for Viewing and Sharing...

Connor MacIvor

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