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12 Easy Ways to Avoid Muddy Paint

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Oil paint and acrylic paint can be mixed incorrectly leading to muddy paint. Learn how to keep paint mixes clean for vibrant paintings with these tips from Malcolm Dewey.


Muddy Paint?

12 Easy Ways to Avoid Muddy Oil Paint
Photo by JodyDigger

The Problem?

Slow drying oil paint can lead to dirty color

Tips to Avoid

the muddy paint trap

1.Clean Your Brush

regularly with artists spirits
Photo by ♥ jules

2.Wipe brush

with paper towel between brushstrokes
Photo by Dean Hochman

3.Mix paint carefully

avoid more than 3 colors at a time
Photo by Jill

4.Mix loosely

avoid overworking the mix
Photo by izzyplante

This retains vibrancy

and interesting streaks of color
Photo by izzyplante

5.Avoid Black Paint

to darken the mix

This leads to mud

Use complimentary color instead

6.Use limited palette

to avoid color confusion
Photo by cobalt123

7.Lay paint carefully

when painting wet into wet

To avoid mixing

lower layers & causing dirty paint color

8.Use good quality paint

it mixes better and looks vibrant
Photo by Nanagyei

9.Good Brushes

They help the feel of brushwork

10.Practice Brushwork

to enhance painterly effects
Photo by UGArdener

11.Be Confident

in your brushwork

Put down a brushstroke

and leave it!
Photo by osolev

12.Let the paint

do the work
Photo by John-Morgan