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10 Signs of a Legit Essay Writing Service (Guide 2021)

Published on Nov 30, 2021

10 Signs of a Legit Essay Writing Service ( Guide 2021 )

The concept of using writing service providers for academic tasks or assignments is almost very common in the current century. Students around the world hire professional writers for their assignments. However, looking for the leading and even the best <u>essay writer</u> should be considered. It is because essay writing providers who offer almost the cheapest prices do not ensure quality, which then costs a student grade. Hence, do not allow everyone to catch your attention.

How to Write an Essay

However, you think that how can I find a top, leading, and legit essay writing service provider. Do not worry, the following are the key signs that can guide you on whom to hire and whom to reject.

Signs of a Legit Essay Writing Service

High quality

No essay writing service could be considered even professional if they do not provide clients high-quality work. At this point, the very first thing you must consider while hiring an essay writing service is the quality of work they provide.

This consideration is not limited to when hiring essay writing services. Rather keep it in mind while hiring an individual <u>free essay writer</u> . To do so, request the writer to provide some samples of previous projects, you have completed or worked on.

Reasonable charges

Remember; there is a clear difference between reasonable prices and cheap prices. A legit essay writing service can be the one that charges reasonable prices. Most of the time, consider the client’s affordability, which is great.

Progressive update process

Sometimes, students need to have the progress of the project they have given someone to do. At this point, a legit essay writing service could be the one who will happily update you on the progress without making any excuse.

Different academic practices

Generally, students need help when they are stuck. Sometimes they proceed to hire essay writing services to get assistance editing etc. Simply, students require essay writing services for various kinds of assistance. Hence, you can find a writing service provider legit if it provides different types of academic services like writing, editing, and proofreading, etc.

100% original work

The originality of work is a major concern when it comes to academic writing. You can even expect 0 marks against your paper or essay if it plagiarized more than allowed by the instructor. Due to such facts, the writing service providers who provide original and 100% authentic work can be on the list of legit essay writing service providers.


Privacy and confidentiality are always important, no matter what. No essay writing provider can be considered legit until and unless it ensures 100% privacy.

Compensation and money security

A highly common sign of a legit writing service providing companies is a money-back guarantee. This is applied in case the client is not satisfied with the quality or the work does not reach the expected results.

Moreover, this applies when the work (paper) contains errors, as well.

Support and customer care

The writing company that provides all-time customer care support can be on the list of legit companies. At this point, the company not only cares for its revenues but keeps customers and their satisfaction prioritized.

Packages or discounts

Remember, offering discounts by a company does not only mean that they want to make sales. Companies sometimes offer customers happiness and if the customer cannot afford a particular amount. They also offer packages to allow customers to avail themselves more at less prices.

In some cases, essay writing service providers offer discounts on simple tasks/assignments such as writing a book review or summary of an article. But remember, make sure that they do not compromise on quality, no matter what.

Extra services

Remember, essay writing services do not offer only writing services. Rather, they offer all additional services such as;


Title page

Plagiarism checking

References and citation



Hence, offering all related (additional) services is a key sign of a legit essay writing service provider/company. So, consider this too, whenever hiring one.


10 Signs of a Legit Essay Writing Service (Guide 2021)

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