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10 Innovations of SPU's Digital Education Leadership MEd

Published at Jan 01, 1970
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Digital Educational Leadership MEd

    10 Program Innovations

    • Service Learning
    • Problem-based Learning
    • Open Educational Resources
    • Team-taught Courses
    • One Course Per Term

    10 Program Innovations

    • Small Cohorts
    • Blended Learning
    • Free Tool Integration
    • Build Positive Digital Reputation
    • Research-based Pedagogy

    1. Service Learning

    Projects engage and benefit students’ school community

    2. Problem-based Learning

    Conduct inquiries into real-word educational challenges
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    3. Free & Open Educational Resources

    Keep textbook costs to a minimum
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    4. Team-taught courses

    All courses co-taught by two instructors

    5. One Course Per Term

    Allows students to take a deep dive on one subject
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    6. Small Cohorts

    Collaborate on learning now, colleagues for rest of your careers

    7. Blended Learning

      8. Integration of free EdTech tools

      Use with own students without funding concerns
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      9. Establish Positive Digital Reputation


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