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10 Best Foods in Little Italy

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Feast on HIstory presents the 10 best foods to get in New York's real Little Italy.


The 10 best Foods in Little Italy

Compiled by Feast on History


A Christmas treat of fried dough balls doused in honey and lemon zest 

Ciccioli Bread

 An airy ring of bread dotted with salt pork and black pepper.  


A dried pasta whose names translates to "priest stranglers"


Giant pasta tubes in a succulent cuttlefish tomato sauce


Only buy cannoli which are filled to order, NEVER pre-filled.


A savory cookie from Puglia that is best enjoyed with a glass of Primitivo

Calabrese Cheese

This regional cheese is covered in dried Calabrese hot pepper


Fresh is best. Imported mozzarella has already traveled too long and far.

Biscotti di Regina

These dense sesame seed cookies are best dunked in a strong double espresso


A delicate cream puff made only on March 19th for St. Joseph's feast day

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