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Weak analogy/careless camparison

Published on Nov 28, 2015

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Restriction or addiction

Weak analogy/Careless comparison 

Weak ANALOGY/careless comparison

 two things that are being compared when they are not alike 
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which  do you think is more dangerous?

Sky diving or Drug addiction?? 
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how drugs affect the brain!!

  • Drugs abuse affects three primary areas of the brain
  • The Brain Stem, The Limbic System, The Cerebral Cortex
  • The Limbic System affects the part of your  brain where memories are kept.
  • Cerebral System affects the part of the brain which affects focus,attention
  • The Brain Stem functions breathing, heartbeat, and blood pressure. 

Statistics/facts about drug abuse

  • National Institute of drug abuse reported nearly 2.1 million emergency 
  • department hospital visits in 2009 were related to drug abuse. 
  • According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health "Not only is   
  • drug abuse dangerous it is also very  costly." For example in 2009 the  
  • cost for substance abuse to american society was over 1.8 billon dollars. 


  • According to the USPA  (United States Parachute Association)
  • Skydiving courses  have greatly improved there safety over the years.  
  • Recording  only 6 fatalities  compared to 19  fatalities in the year 2000 
  • Skydiving have  always provided  safety instruction for their clients in  
  • case of real emergency such as a parachute malfunction. 

Why Are drugs more dangerous than skydiving?

  • The are are proven statistics that drugs are more dangerous than skydiving
  • People can over dose on drugs. On the news you always hear about people
  • or celebrities dying from drug abuse. You rarely hear about people dying
  • from skydiving. 
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