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We are teacher librarians

Published on May 06, 2016

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We are teacher librarians

We TEACH library lessons

The Enquiry Desk

This is where we sit

We have a degree

We are qualified to speak to students

We have rooms

We allow students to use rooms

We teach students how to study

'Sit here and be quiet'

We control lighting

We know which lights to turn on

We make signs

We tell people what to do

We push trolleys

You can never have enough of those

We have a good grasp of mathematics

We teach health and hygiene

We are experts in literature

We are at the cutting edge of technology

We have staplers

We teach students how to staple

We give change

We have lost property

We have an impressive collection of water bottles

Some things require explanation

We explain things

Sometimes we change desks

We teach self discipline

We keep our students informed

We maintain order

This is incorrect

This is correct

We have doors

We tell people where to go

When people go the wrong way

We keep smiling

We model patience

We are passionate about our jobs

We're teacher librarians

We teach library lessons

Credits: Teacher librarian - Catherine Morton; Door Delinquent - Blair Mahoney

Created by Tania Sheko

Teacher Librarian (library lessons)

Just in case it's not obvious -

This presentation is completely tongue-in-cheek and not meant to offend.