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Warren Buffett Hiring & Buying Tips

ByMartin Smith |1788 views |Business

Getting hired or bought by Warren Buffett would be cool. This Haiku Deck includes tips inspired by Buffett's interview process.

Presentation Outline

  1. 1. buffett

    Tips To Get Hired or Bought By Warren Buffett

    This Haiku Deck was inspired by the Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffet and was riffed from a great LinkdedIn post by Paul Petrone on LInkedIn

  2. 2. interview

    Tests Intelligence, Energy, Creativity

    Paul shared a CBS news "inside baseball" view inside Warren Buffett's hiring process. Buffett doesn't just sit and chat. As you would expect when meeting an Oracle you ARE being tested. Dream Jobs don't come cheap. Buffett tests for creative intelligence, patience, listening and your ability to learn FAST (or tack a lickin' and keep on tickin').

    Photo by theqspeaks

  3. 3. 5 Prep Tips

    • Change Something Daily. 
    • Achieve a Big Hairy Audacious Goal.
    • Develop PATIENCE.
    • Video yourself PITCHING.
    • LISTEN Better & Have Loved One SCORE!

    I've been in several Warren Buffett-like interviews. One Buggett-like experience was with P&G as a senior in college that took 5 interviews and I blew it on the last interview thinking I was in. I spent a year as an Assistant Director of Admissions and then wrote to P&G and told them what I'd been doing and how much I wanted to work for THEM and only THEM. Persistence won and provides a good lesson about being CLEAR about what you want and then don't take "piss off" as an acceptable response (lol).

    Photo by Beverly & Pack

  4. 4. bang

    Now what? Get Used To Shock of the New

    Change is moving SO FAST now learning how to adapt to Shock of the New is key. Here are a few ways I SHOCK myself: * Look at contemporary art (always on the bleeding edge). * Learn something new OUTSIDE my core competence. * Speak in front of PEOPLE frequently. * Speak to the mirror even more frequently. * VIDEO and more painful VIDEO of me to eliminate ticks, hesitations distracting BS. * Tell a story every damn day (lol).

    Photo by marsmet472

  5. 5. bhag

    Big Hairy Audacious Goal = Teach YOU about YOU

    My BHAG was riding a bicycle across America in the summer of 2010 to raise awareness and money for cancer research. What's your BHAG?

  6. 6. patience

    FAIL now FAIL AGAIN Faster

    Imagine being Ghandi. You protest, get smacked and keep protesting. Patience is the missing ingredient we all WANT but is HARD to train. Muscle memory takes over. Our "lizard brain" kicks in and we are in "flight or flight" at the drop of a hat. Not patient. Cancer is teaching patience. At first I fought and tried to control the Big C. Didn't work. Now I LISTEN carefully to my medical team, collaborate and improv. Might KILL me, and those are the stakes, but I die happy (so there's that lol).

    Photo by wasim of nazareth

  7. 7. video

    PAINFUL But Necessary Video Yourself

    When I worked for P&G they spent a week video taping us and this is when video setups were the size of a small car. Now, with video so ubiquitous, you should do a video a week. Ask for CRITIQUE and REVIEWS too. Nastier the better if you want to learn patience. I try to remember NASTY says more about them than ME and FAIL at that miserably almost weekly (lol).

    Photo by echam+dikya+dzara

  8. 8. listen

    Hardest Skill To Improve Is MOST IMPORTANT

    I've made so many MORE sales with my ears than my mouth its hard to count that high. On the other hand I've LOST a lot of sales by not "taking yes for an answer" as my P&G boss would instruct. Today we have to LISTEN digitally too. That means being more up-to-date on your email than me, sharing the love on social media and rewarding and praising those who help you in private and in public.

    Photo by brittreints

  9. 9. rules of improv

    • Don't Deny.
    • Don't Ask Open Ended Questions.
    • Don't have to be funny. 
    • You look good when THEY look good.
    • Tell a story.

    I love these oxymoron rules. Just goes to show you there is some structure in everything. Adaptation to Internet marketing is easy. In an interview setting I LIKE open ended questions since they help set up the story the person interviewing you wants to share. If you DON'T ask open ended questions listen very carefully for the subtext. There is always a subtext underneath statements and questions. Your job it to tap, expose and share the subtext. By breaking into the NOW you become memorable and develop real relationships. Risky and you will FAIL miserably the first few times you try to tap the subtext. Don't GIVE UP because that is where the gold is.

    Photo by Ekhinos

  10. 10. sold

    How To Get Hired or SOLD to Warren Buffett

    Following these tips when the Oracle comes a calling might get that #dreamjob you've always wanted or sell your company to the man from Omaha.

    Photo by Jeremy Brooks

  11. 11. marty smith


    I'm easy to find, speak with, ask questions or share something you think I will enjoy: Job: CEO of Curagami Startup Factory Funded Startup Durham, NC @Curagami e: martin(at) also... @Scenttrail G+

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