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Walsh Small Business Conference - Tech Tools

Published on Nov 20, 2015

A presentation by Paul Chambers at the MICPA conference on June 25 and 26, 2014.


Tech Tools

with your host PaulChambers.com
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Who is this guy?


  • Core3 Solutions in 1997
  • Detroit IT; 1,668 interactions; 98% satisfaction
  • Element5; 50%+ sales; 80%+ conversions
  • Save money / Grow sales
  • Crain's 20 In Their 20's

My Hot Wife

Cute Kids


Tell me about your last cell phone.
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Our Agenda

  • By The Numbers
  • Sweet Tools
  • The Future
  • Question Time
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By the Numbers in 2014

  • More than 800M iOS devices sold
  • $135B spent on digital in 2014
  • 71M iPads sold in 2013
  • 102B global app store downloads 2013
  • 87% device sales in 2017 tablets/phones
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Toys and Tools

My Top 15 Picks for 2014

30 overwhelming minutes

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Give you back 90

That's a 2x return for you math majors.

Tool: Evernote

For everything you’ll do, Evernote is the workspace to get it done.

Tool: Canva

Amazingly simple graphic design.

Tool: CoSchedule

The social media editorial calendar for WordPress.
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Toy: Stratos

One card holds it all.
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Tool: Glassdoor

See what real employees have to say about any company.
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Tool: CrashPlan

Protect your digital life.
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Tool: Fancy Hands

Virtual assistant for only $5

Tool and Toy!

IFTTT and Zapier
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Tool: Sanebox

Let's you focus on what's important without missing a thing.
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Tool: Boomerang

Schedule emails to send later, email reminders, and email tracking.

Tool: Tribe HR

Social HR software for today's business environment.

Tool: Haiku Deck

Simple presentations that inspire.
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Tool: LastPass

Cloud based single sign-on solution.

Tool: Grovo

Beautiful and effective video training on over 130 Internet tools.
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Toy: Echo

Information, music, news, and more.

The Future

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Google Glass

and Augmented Reality



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"People are starting to realize our privacy is disintegrating." -Mark Cuban

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