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Published on Nov 20, 2015

VoicEd teacher talk presentation 2014


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  • Leader of E-Learning
  • I manage the 1:1 iPad program
  • Staff PD in technology
  • Not enough time to fix every problem :(
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Student Techies

Leading our 1:1 iPad program
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What are student techies?

  • Group of nine year 8's 
  • Counts as community service
  • Young leadership role
  • They had to APPLY!
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How they help

  • Moderate our Year 7 Tech support EDMODO
  • Visit year 7 homerooms twice a week
  • Assisted on the Year 7 iPad training day

WHat's A "Year 7 iPad training day" ?

  • First day of the device roll out
  • 5 periods = 5 workshops
  • Workshops ran by IL teachers
  • They were the tech support for each class group
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  • Reflecting on 2013 mistakes with 1:1 iPads
  • I can't be everywhere at once
  • Students are exceptional teachers
  • Year 8's get forgotten as young leaders
  • Empowering clever kids in the playground
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