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Tomorrow's Ecommerce

ByMartin Smith |2535 views

Tomorrow's Ecommerce a visual presentation created with Haiku Deck, free presentation software that's simple, beautiful, and fun.

Presentation Outline

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    We see emerging ecommerce best practices and can predict how major trends and new tools will shape the next generation of ecommerce making it possible to design tomorrow's ecommerce website today. Related posts: The New Ecommerce Current Best Practices on Curatti: The New Ecommerce & Social Shopping on Curagami: Sara Harvey, Gnomes & DIY Future of Ecom on Curagami Created by team Curagami. Reach us at @Curagami on Twitter or

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    Example Homepage This homepage shows a few of the visual lessons picked up from Voge (see Haiku Deck: ). Vogue Visual Lessons Use of the surprise juxtaposition image on the right. Use of the celebrity gallery image bottom left.

  3. 3. Ecom Design Musts

    • Free Shipping.
    • Sale, Deal of the Day.
    • New & Best Sellers.
    • ASK for User Generated Content & Community.
    • Magazine-ifcation (supporting content).

    Ecom design musts now include FAST communication of these messages: * Are you a shopping or information website? * If shopping = where is Free Shipping option. * Where is expected merchandising including: Sale, New and best sellers. Social Media prompted questions * Does this site care about User Generated Content. * Does this site/brand listen to and care about their customers? * Is there a way to contribute? * How can I JOIN this brand or site? * Is there a "like me" community? New Ecom Musts (Magazine-ification) Is there social or other content that is interesting and worth sharing or reading?

  4. 4. 5 ecom TRENDS

    • Social + Mobile.
    • Community.
    • Gamification.
    • Friends of Friends Marketing
    • Crowdfunding & Crowd creating (Zazzle)

    Ecommerce and digital marketing are being changed by 4 macro trends all of whom are interacting with each other to increase the speed of change: * Social + Mobile. * Community (results form authoritative content shared socially and via mobile). * Gamification (makes community fun and engaging over time). * Friends of Friends marketing. This last bullet is very important. Thanks to "filter bubbles" your ability to speak to customers directly is almost zero. You are better off creating marketing for your Brand Ambassadors to share with their friends. Marketing by proxy.

    Photo by Michael Covel

  5. 5. DESIGNing Ecom FOR SOCIAL

    • Curate from social media = you r listening.
    • Ambassadors = Brand Advocates & helpers.
    • "Magazine-ifcatin" Content = "Evergreen" features + social curation.
    • Build conversations IN.
    • LISTEN digitally & curate what you hear.

    Designing tomorrow's ecommerce sites will be different in several areas: * Immediate clarification about shopping or informational. * Clearly and easily social. * Wants MY input, ideas and feedback (as demonstrated by presence of feedback from others that is valued and featured). * Magazine-ifcation = looking for interesting content TOO.

    Photo by Jason A. Howie

  6. 6. listening digitally

    • Follow back.
    • Answer @Tweets etc.
    • Ask questions.
    • Curate & Share Responses.
    • Be Present & Real. 

    There are clues that let customers know if you "listen digitally". Do you ASK for User Generated Content? Does your site FEATURE UGC? Do you reward (with social kudos and games) those who share? In a social / mobile time ecommerce is as much about LISTENING as selling. Perhaps ecommerce is MORE about listening than selling? What do you think? Send comments to

    Photo by Leo Reynolds

  7. 7. curate

    Curating Social Media Content = You LISTEN

    When YOU use THEIR content (with permission and notification) you gain social shares and show you listen and care about User Generated Content (UGC).

    Photo by khalid Albaih

  8. 8. ambassadors

    Tap Your 1% Contributors & 9% Supporters & Give MISSION

    Finding and empowering "brand ambassadors" becomes a CSF (Critical Success Factor) in the new Ecommerce. You need people you don't PAY to love and support your online brand with: * Advocacy. * User Generated Content. * Word of Mouth. Finding your site's Ambassadors via a page describing the mission for your Ambassadors along with a simple form is a critical ASK.

    Photo by rich_w

  9. 9. magazine-ification

    Mashup Content, Commerce & Social Curation

    Magazine-ifcation is a major trend. Your content needs to be exciting and used by a growing tribe. Creating content that gets shared IS AS DIFFICULT as creating and selling products online. If your site is all about SELLING and not about the romance, mystery and story of your products and brands your website won't receive the kinds of social shares and advocacy needed to be successful in tomorrow's ecommerce. Magazine-ifciation is the process of creating a content rich "magazine" in support of ecommerce websites. We've written about Red Bull's Branding lessons ( ). Red Bull knows how to find obscure artists and athletes and brand them, feature them and help them. Good skill to have when magazine-ification is so important.

    Photo by darinrmcclure

  10. 10. conversations

    Build Stories & Conversations IN

    At Curagami ( we say conversations are the new links. If yesterday's SEO depended on links tomorrow's relies on conversations. If people are talking about, sharing and liking your brand, content and magazine-ification you win more hearts, minds and loyalty.

    Photo by raiznext

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    Social Shopping This page shows one idea for implementing a "Social Shop". Ambassadors for each social net would share their favorite shares and curators every week (or day if you can get that level of involvement from Ambassadors). Important to "pay" ambassadors with kudos, resume fodder and inclusion instead of money. Money makes what they do for you a JOB with DEMANDS. Being a brand ambassador should be something easy to do for fun.

  12. 12. mobile design

    • Work backwards from mobile.
    • Think "Mobile First".
    • Responsive device agnostic design.
    • Reduce options, flatten design. 
    • Snippets & Swipes.

    Mobile changes everything from design to information architecture. Limit your functionality, make your content visual, flat and easy to swipe. Tell your stories in Haiku or Twitter-like snippets. When you tell longer stories use visuals, bullets and headings to break up into easy to digest chunks (on smart phones or mobile). MORE VISUAL less dense is always a good thing but especially so on a mobile phone.

    Photo by samsungtomorrow

  13. 13. social + Mobile

    • Snippets, Swipes & Apps.
    • Gamify.
    • Easy to PLAY with others.
    • Easy to SEE & know others.
    • Ask questions, get Answers = easy. 

    Social + Mobile is what makes the phone a game console. See for cool ways to connect brands on mobile devices.

    Photo by simonsmith001

  14. 14. community

    • Create an Ask.
    • Find Ambassadors to help. 
    • Curate User Generated Content (UGC).
    • Gamify UGC.
    • Do Less, Get More or Do Less, Sell More.

    Helping customers create online community is what is all about. We currently have 3 tools: Bullpen (ask what to sell). Builder (ask what content to create) Surfer (share trending content and move the conversation to your website) The more community you have the better your future ecommerce will be.

    Photo by Jamie In Bytown

  15. 15. gamify

    • Promotes community engagement over time.
    • Identifies "Ambassadors". 
    • Defines "Missions". 
    • Creates Assignments & Rewards.
    • Competition = fun. 

    Gamification We love to compete, but we hate to lose. Online gamification finds ways to reward everyone. LinkedIn's famous "Your Profile is 90% Done" is a form of online gamification. LinkedIn's tagging skills is another form of crowdsourcing confirming signals via gamification. Find a way to gamify your content that helps everyone from newbies to experts and your community gains strength and sustainability.

    Photo by kittygutz

  16. 16. Friends of Friends

    • "Sell" via proxy (friends of friends).
    • Create MOVEMENTS.
    • Win Hearts & Minds & Ask To JOIN.
    • Reward Ambassadors (social, features).
    • Tools = Empower Ambassadors (to help).

    Your marketing is unlikely to meet its target audience. Between major search engines wrapping content around their users and our use of DVR and other tools the best way to have you marketing hit viable and valuable targets is to empower Ambassadors to sell to their friends. Ambassadors need a few things to help including: * A defined mission. * Social kudos and value. * Tools such as banners, stories and shares from other Ambassadors (about what is working). * Tips on how to achieve their mission (preferably from another Ambassador). * Easy to access product / brand knowledge. Create these tools and ASK for help to develop tomorrow's ecom.

    Photo by HeyThereSpaceman.

  17. 17. Slide 17

    Graphic shows how difficult and unlikely reach and winning hearts, minds and loyalty is without the help of their friends (people who know them).

  18. 18. Friends of Friends Tools

    • Social Nets: Facebook, Twitter, G+.
    • Curation Tools:,, G+.
    • Content Tools: WordPress, Tumblr, G+,
    • Video Tools: YouTube, Vine, HaikuDeck, SlideShare.
    • Now Tools: Instagram, Snapchat, Vine

    Tools we like to use to create multi-channel digital marketing. What tools do you like to use?

    Photo by HVargas

  19. 19. Crowds & New Ecom

    • Tap wisdom of crowds via conversations.
    • Crowdfund your markeiting ideas.
    • Help crowdfund customer projects.
    • Offer "Create Your Own" Options (Zazzle).
    • Offer "Create & Curate Your Own" Stores.

    The other day I took a design I like and created a "branded" Curagami bag an computer sleeve. The process took about 2 hours and I'm waiting on shipment now (about a week later). If your ecommerce store doesn't have a "curate or create" option you will be hampered and beaten by those who do. Find ways you can offer limited customization because there is NOTHING like THEM using YOUR tool to create THEIR stuff to promote a sense of community and social shares. When I make YOUR stuff MINE we've collaborated and I (customers) will support that collaboration. We are in this TOGETHER now. This is also why offering crowdfunding on your site is important. We are working on a Curagami tool that will offer "crowdfunding in a box" to online merchants. Imagine how powerful and intimate your bond will be when you help your customers realize their dreams with your products.

    Photo by thisisbossi

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    Zazzle (and Cafe Press) are about empowering their customers to get paid for their content. NOW THAT is a lasting social business model. This is the curation collision "branded" bag I created on Zazzle the other day. Their tool is so easy to use creating this bag took about 2 hours. Once I see it and love it I can easily turn the page into a "store" too. If your ecommerce site can offer DIY creation with some element of your product you will create strong sustainable bonds with your customers. When I modify YOUR stuff to become MINE I (customers) talk about it.

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    This is the branded computer Sleeve I created on Zazzle after not finding anything I liked. The product development took a couple of hours and I invested $200. Not bad when you consider costs us $20K and took a year to create (lol). Find a way to add a DIY component to your product development because THEIR products create a natural bridge to your future. Another way to get this same information is to host a "crowdfunding in a box" option. We are working on just such an option at

  22. 22. Slide 22

    Sara Harvey's Knitting Gnome This is an example of a "Knitting gnome". Interesting to read her "creation story here" and see her Etsy store here: The future is about COLLABORATING with artists like Sara Harvey. Sara's Site:

  23. 23. Marty Smith

    @Scenttrail @Curagami

    Team Curagami is easy to reach: @Curagami

    Photo by Gavin Lynn

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