The Why of Teen Services Loudon County Public Library February 2016 Presented by Linda W Braun

Published on Feb 01, 2016

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The Why of Teen Services
Loudoun County Public Library
February 2016
Presented by Linda W Braun

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  • Why we need to serve teens
  • What impacts to strive for
  • Models of success (and failure)
  • Community Impact & Engagement
  • Final Q&A
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Now is the time for public and school libraries to determine how they can contribute to solving and alleviating the issues and problems that negatively impact teens.
YALSA Futures Report

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Teens Need You

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The Paradigm Shift

in Library Teen Services
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What's the Outcome

Today’s teens are part of an increasingly global and competitive society. Success in that environment requires an expanded set of skills that goes beyond traditional academic skills and includes learning and innovation skills (i.e., creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving, communication and collaboration), and information, media, and technology skills (i.e., information literacy, media literacy, digital literacy, and ICT literacy). YALSA Futures Report

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  • 21st Century Skills
  • STEM Skills
  • College Career Readiness
  • Multiple Literacies

Kitsap Regional Library, WA

Make, Do, Share: Sustainable STEM Leadership in a Box
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To prepare for 21st century careers, youth everywhere need access to the “excitement,interest, and motivation” for STEM that may be missing in schools. In geographically and economically diverse Kitsap County, such programs have directly resulted in youth finding jobs and enrolling in college. In order for communities to engage a future generation of innovators, “accidental STEM librarians” need programs they can easily and affordably implement, and a way to access the expertise in their own communities.

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Community Mentors: Teens and New Adults

Hedberg Public Library, WI
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Teens at Hedberg Public Library in Janesville, Wisconsin, are learning new media and technology skills with the help of community experts.
Connecting with partners and engaging
teens with interest-driven programs is creating opportunities for leadership roles and internships for teens and new adults.

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Pittsburgh City of Learning

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Pittsburgh City of Learning is bringing together dozens of organizations including Pittsburgh Public Schools Summer Dreamers Academy, the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Learn and Earn Summer Youth Employment Program, and others to offer many free and affordable learning opportunities to young people throughout greater Pittsburgh.

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Teen Service Learning

Seattle Public Library

Service learning at The Seattle Public Library connects classroom
and community to real issues and meets community needs
through collaborative learning and building community leaders.
Seeks to benefit both the provider and recipient of service;
focuses equally on the service being performed, skills acquired
and learning that is occurring.

Community Impact and Engagement

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Find the Gaps

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Build Relationships

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Give Yourself Time

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Linda W. Braun

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