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the purple gardeners

Published on Dec 14, 2015

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The purple gardeners

  • Ethan Miller
  • Reagan Diamond
  • Emmie Brant
  • Eli Rodriguez
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stem lab's community

Stem Lab Magnet School is not connected to the community. How can we help?


One way is to build a community garden!
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obesity, crime, pollution

all big problems for our society
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Community garden is the answer!

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  • Our school wants to fight this!
  • Increased exercise
  • Good nutritious food
  • More sunshine


  • Community gardens pull people together
  • Studies show that gardens help lower crime rates


  • Composting
  • Less travel for food
  • Gets people outside and walking

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Our garden name!

The Awesome Garden 
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The best place to find god is a garden .You can dig for him there.

By George Bernard Shaw
Photo by UGArdener

Community Garden Project

We hope you enjoyed our presentation.