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The Dog Eye

Published on Nov 18, 2015

this deck will help you understand the many differences between the dog eye and the human eye.


The Dog Eye

By: Casey 8c
Photo by WilliamMarlow

Why The Dog Eye?

  • The dog eye is very interesting because many people are unsure if a dog is color blind or not.
  • Dogs see things very different from humans
  • Dogs can see lengths much different from humans.

Dog eye vs Human eye

  • Dogs can only see up to 20ft away, while we can see up to 80ft away.
  • Dogs can see a total visual field of 240 degrees, while humans can only see a visual field of 200 degrees.
  • dogs see colour much differently than us, if we see orange, they may see yellow.
Photo by J. Star

Is a Dog Colour Blind?

  • no, not completely.
  • the dog eye can see colours, but much more faintly than a normal human eye can.
  • dogs cannot see as much colour because the dog eye is build with many rods and few cones.

This is the color perception of a Human and a Dog. Dogs are not completely color blind, but many colors are different.

Final question:

How is a dog eye different from the human eye?

answer choices

  • a) there is no difference.
  • b) there is not much difference, dogs cannot see as far and cannot see as much colour as human
  • c) a dog is natruallycolour blind and a human is not.
  • d) none of the above.
Photo by KJGarbutt