The Dirty 30: Elementary COVID Edition

Published on Aug 04, 2020

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The Dirty 30: COVID Edition

Dr. Jay Eitner | Eitner Education
Photo by CDC

These apps, extensions, and websites are being shared in hopes that online learning can be a bit easier and more entertaining.

Photo by Phil Aaronson

1) 1600 (regular or AR)

Check out the history of The White House from taking a pic of a dollar bill.
Photo by Guerric

2) Google Jamboard

Everyone gets a whiteboard and can share it!

3) Twine

The basics of coding without the coding nomenclature
Photo by Yu. Samoilov


One whiteboard with everyone on the same board
Photo by Austin Distel

5)Breath Deeply

Student mindfulness in a time where stress is super high.
Photo by Levi XU

6) Story Cubes

Easy to make; easier to partake in online 

7) Cashivity

Free finance and math lessons dealing with money
Photo by EJP Photo


If you havent played the game before, where have you been?
Photo by Patrick Q

9) PearDeck

Go from a presentation to a conversation
Photo by khloe arledge

10) Dualless

Make 2 screens on 1 screen
Photo by ruben daems

11) Noisli

Make your own Zen-Den
Photo by Trey Ratcliff

12) HaikuDeck

Make presentations (like this) with a meme format & CC images
Photo by adamtr

13) Google Arts & Culture

Thousands of artifacts, museums, and galleries to tour


Great for students; block all of the ads, vids, banners, and noise
Photo by Alex Knight

15) Quiver

Print worksheets, take pics, turn into AR
Photo by dmolsen

16) AlphaText

Change any font to another font - great for reading!
Photo by mikelietz

17) Padlet

Click and add; kinda like a whiteboard but with themese
Photo by rimse.nefert

18) BrainPop

an oldie-but-goldie
Photo by lisibo

19) Screencastify

Free video / audio recording up to 10 minutes each time 
Photo by neil godding

20) GoNoodle

Get that energy out!
Photo by lecates


Safe video browsing with no ads
Photo by Seth Doyle

22) Teach Your Monster to Read

That's self-explanatory, no?

23) Chrome Experiments

Science experiences (for all ages) taped so you don't destroy your kitchen
Photo by skycaptaintwo


Stories customized to readers with great tools.
Photo by Ben White

25) Wixie

Active student engagement on a myriad of levels
Photo by CDC

26) ComicsHead

Create free comics with captions

27) Google Oceans

Explore all 4 oceans and everything in them!
Photo by gvgoebel

28) Turn Off the Lights

Show the video only -- nothing else
Photo by Trey Ratcliff

29) Zoo Kazam

AR/VR animals brought to you.

30) Twitch

Play (age-appropriate) games and stream live for your class! 
Photo by Sara Kurfeß

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