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Teaching the YouTube Generation:

Published on Nov 18, 2015

2015 Online Teaching Conference presentation, "Teaching the YouTube Generation: The Power of Video Feedback"


Teaching the YouTube Generation:

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video feedback . . .
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How does the YouTube Generation learn?

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Text alone . . .

--can be toneless

--is easily misun-derstood

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"Interesting topic."

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"Your thesis would be stronger if . . ."

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How can we harness

the power of personal conversation?

The Power of Video

  • convey intended tone
  • show facial expressions
  • remind students that you are a real person!
  • say more in less time than typing
  • in-depth feedback
Pep talk announcement: https://youtu.be/55Wnh64YWOU
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You have picked an interesting topic for this essay. To make the most of it, consider revising your thesis so that you are making a clear, focused point about the use of color.
When you have a solid thesis, sections should be revised to develop this point with convincing examples from the text.
Working on the thesis and examples will really help you improve the quality of this rough draft.

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vs. video comment

Click here to view this video on a rough draft: https://youtu.be/i8cbjSv6T0s

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"How helpful was the instructor's video feedback?"

Did instructor videos help you learn course concepts & improve your skills?


video feedback . . .
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feedback on outlines

Click here to view a sample video providing outline feedback: https://youtu.be/LufCj-1pBdw

feedback on essays

Explain video feedback to your students

via video!
Click here to watch this video explaining video feedback: https://youtu.be/axGAUmYnHak

Other Uses

  • discussion posts
  • group projects
  • feedback for the whole class
  • individual assistance
Click here for a sample video providing feedback and encouragement to a whole class: https://youtu.be/55Wnh64YWOU
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video feedback . . .
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Record in LMS: Blackboard

Pep talk announcement: https://youtu.be/55Wnh64YWOU

Record in LMS: Canvas

Record in YouTube and Embed in LMS


  • Camtasia Studio (PC)
  • Camtasia for Mac
  • Screencast-o-Matic
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video feedback . . .
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Pay Attention to Body Language

Smile! Lean in. Make eye contact. Talk with your hands.
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Make your background

Use props:

  • numbers as markers
  • examples
  • illustrations
  • textbook
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Make YouTube feedback unlisted.

Don't run afoul of FERPA:

Use video to provide feedback, not a grade.

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