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Stuart MacLennan

Published on Dec 22, 2015

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Stuart MacLennan

By: Alex Cattelona

Maclennan's campaign poster

Stuart MacLennan

  • Born 1986 in Scotland
  • Labour party member

Labour Party

  • Political party in the United Kingdom.
  • Centre-Left party


  • Located in North-East Scotland
  • One of the 32 local Government council areas of Scotland


  • During 2010 campiagn was fired over tweets.
  • Went after old people, a woman, opposites and blacks.


  • "Coffin dodgers"
  • Called a woman a boot
  • Slavery
  • Ranted about political opposites

After the fact

  • Said he was "young and stupid"
  • Apologized but, was too late.


  • Maclennan lost his job and any future in politics
  • The Labour party has not been in power since then.


  • Maclennan was running for political office.
  • Foul-languaged tweets ruined his career

What can we learn

  • Think before you tweet.
  • Some things should be kept to yourself.