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Store Cupboard Staples

Published on Nov 22, 2015

Student Store Cupboard Essentials


Store Cupboard Staples

Invest in these essentials and you'll never go hungry!

Teabags & Coffee


Photo by jeremysabol


To serve with coffee when your mum pops round

Salt & Pepper

Photo by PictureWendy

Herbs & Spices

Add ounces of flavour to bland ingredients
Photo by peddhapati


Ketchup, Vinegar & Soy Sauce can hide a multitude of crimes against taste!

Dried Pasta & Noodles

Fills you up, and never goes off
Photo by brody4

Dried Rice & Grains

Ditto Pasta
Photo by edikenkoy

Tinned Stuff

Soup, Beans, Sweetcorn, Tuna, Fruit, Tomatoes!

Honey & Jam

Good on toast, in porridge and desserts
Photo by Domiriel

Cooking Oil

Always necessary, so if you spot a bargain stock up
Photo by cottonseedoil


Baked, fried, mashed: the humble potato is a flexible guy
Photo by iamrenny

Breakfast Cereal*

Good source of morning energy, and has a long shelf life

Long life Milk

Literally a life saver* (see breakfast cereal)
Photo by Leo Reynolds